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  1. PS/SUSPENSION HELP!!! -15 weather

    Suspension and Brakes
    It sounds like a seal broke in the rack and pinion 😞 no good Does all the fluid you put in the PS leak out ?
  2. Trans issue

    Generation Three
    I was having a similar issue my ls trans has a hard time going into 3rd When I removed my trans I noticed the selector was not centered causing the middle selector (yellow)to hit the sides(Red) I’m not sure if you can remove the sleeves but I believe the issue is too much play in the shaft...
  3. My newest project

    Your Integra
    Welcome !!! I’m new as well and working on something similar I’m going to do every gasket on the motor ! I’m still looking into doing ether a gasket set or piece them together Rock auto has a lot of gaskets for cheap fel-pro
  4. Gsr build

    Your Integra
    Now to do something about that ugly interior Much better !! I took the gsr interior out to give the GSR a good look over to check for hidden damage Looks good I did a leather and vinyl cleaning Spray followed by a leather and vinyl conditioning spray
  5. Gsr build

    Your Integra
    2000 from bumper and headlight restoration So the black GSR I bought had 2000 front end so I decided to restore the headlights and use the bumper on the LS in the meantime these headlights were terrible the only good thing is none of the mounting tabs were broken so I figured it would be...
  6. Gsr build

    Your Integra
    Ok so I bought a 95 GSR shell for $350 (black) It was complete I took the windows and fenders off, it had a clean black interior no seats a few months later I found another shell for $200 (White) this shell had a pair of clean leather gsr seats lost tittle 😭 then about five months down...
  7. Weekend warrior motor swap

    Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Yes your gsr trans will mate up to that set up. gsr transmission is a b series transmission