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  • davidz5193 ·
    thats good advice cus theres really no sense in dropping alot into a old integra not to say it isnt a sweet deal but with winter coming up its gonna be a pain to worrk on it and find parts if i saved through winter i could outright buy a nismo and put a liitle money in that.. and im pretty fluent with engines ive done rebuilds before and ive done a conversion on my buddys 87 firebird it was a pain in the ass so thats prly good advice thanks
    davidz5193 ·
    I had read on the forum you had done a rebuild on your integra ive ben looking at a 92 integra its got a brand new paintjob enkei rims low profile tires not a spec of rust underneath or on top the problem is it has 200000 on it they say the engine only has 70000 but the tranny is a auto its most likely gonna need a rebuild if i get it and i want to turbo it ..i think its a 1.8 vtec but not sure theve painted it and turned it into a honda integra im also thinkin the tranny isnt gonna hold up im prolly lookin at converting it to a 5 speed if i rebuild the engine what alll am i going to need as for as rebuilding it completely geared towards a turbo and whats ur opinoin on the tranny i have plenty of money i could buy a 350z if i wanted but there only asking 1500 for the car because hes wanting it out of garage and hes my buddy so whats ur opinion bro?
    DADUBS503 ·
    Thanks for the answer to my carsound hi flow cat queston. you mentioned a 2nd bunge. what is the point, it looks like a hole in the threaded too. is there a bolt i take in/put in for deq(emission reasons) ?
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