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  1. My Sunroof Exploded

    Generation Three
    Got my sunroof all fixed! It was 1/2 price weekend at the Pick n’ Pull so I got this baby for only $22. Let’s hope this one lasts me a bit longer than the other one, and I won’t be driving that fast when it’s hot outside anymore! Quick edit because I thought it...
  2. My Sunroof Exploded

    Generation Three
    I think that I want to get one from a pick n’ pull, but something that just crossed my mind is that I have no idea how to get the sunroof off without opening it up a little bit. How should I go about taking a sunroof from a junkyard if I can’t power up the car there?
  3. My Sunroof Exploded

    Generation Three
    Hello again Team-Integra! Today, I was driving fast with my friend in my 2000 2dr GSR, and I was up to around 120-125mph, and suddenly my sunroof completely exploded. At least that’s what I think happened, I heard a very loud noise and suddenly my sunroof was no longer on my car. I’m trying to...
  4. Door ajar light flickers while driving

    Generation Three
    Thanks! This worked perfectly and solved my issue. Door is noticeably more solidly closed to the car now as well.
  5. Door ajar light flickers while driving

    Generation Three
    Do I just take the two screws out of it and I can move it a bit farther inward?
  6. Door ajar light flickers while driving

    Generation Three
    2000 GSR 2dr When I'm driving, the door ajar light will flicker from time to time. Same thing happens if I rest my knee on the door. I've also noticed that when I get out of my car and close the door, the door has about half an inch of wiggle if I push on it while its closed. Are these two...
  7. Anyone have a HondaHookup account?

    Generation Three
    I tried signing up but I haven't received any confirmation email 24 hours later. Would anyone be able to download this service manual and put it on dropbox or something and send it to me? Acura Integra 1998 - 2001 Service Manual - Downloads - Don't know why it won't let me...
  8. 2000 Hatchback Actuator problems?

    Generation Three
    So, I've been using my key to unlock my hatchback on my 2000 Integra GSR. I didn't actually realize there was even a lever actuator in the trunk handle. Once I learned of this, I used my fob to unlock the power locks and sure enough the lever actually worked and the hatch opened up. I closed it...