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  1. Car basically shuts off at 2000 rpm

    Generation Two
    Thanks, everything is now all set and my car is up and running to where it's almost perfect. Apparently after all that work into fixing my car, my distributor seal went back and destroyed it. It got filled up with oil, so then I had to fix that and then come to find out I had an electrical...
  2. Car basically shuts off at 2000 rpm

    Generation Two
    No I haven't pulled the code yet. I'm gonna bring it to my auto hobby shop hopefully tomorrow to start working on it again. But it's a 98 GSR motor from what the previous owner is telling me. So as of right now I have no idea if he did the swap right or wrong. I'm going to try to look further...
  3. Car basically shuts off at 2000 rpm

    Generation Two
    So my guess is no one has any ideas right now ? Well I guess I'll go with what I think will be the problem and probably update anyone when I figure it out.
  4. Car basically shuts off at 2000 rpm

    Generation Two
    Okay sorry in advance I tried searching around but couldn't find my answer. Long story short I changed my cylinder head and now for some reason my car bogs in idle and when driving won't go pass 2000 rpm. When it hits 2000 rpm it's like it went back into neutral. If I was to drive and shift...
  5. FS 94 teg B20/VTEC ATL GA *PICS* NO 56k

    For Sale and Wanted - Cars
    Hey, I know this is probably pretty late, but is this still up for sale ?
  6. MI: Pre-Feeler: 2001 GSR Sedan....PICS ADDED!!

    For Sale and Wanted - Cars
    What's the price ?
  7. The evolution of my engine bay. Thanks TI

    Your Integra
    All I have to say is that looks amazing. The years have progressed and honestly I wish I had the time to learn the things you did and have my engine bay look as clean. Great Work. I'd have to say I'm kind of jealous lol.
  8. FS: 94 LS part out

    For Sale Section - Parts
    hey do you happen to have the driver door window switch for sale ? i would also like the climate control if you have the black carpet let me know. i only live an hour away i can always come by to take a look at a few things if you dont mind.
  9. FS: ITR 5 lugs, Itr usdm seats, gsr..etc

    For Sale Section - Parts
    hey how much would you sell the rotors and pads ?
  10. Your favorite part of driving a teg

    The TI Pit Area
    one of my favorite thing about my teg is the fact that it's stock clean and comfortable. No matter where I go or drive to people are always turning heads and others rev and speed on the highway and give me a surprise stare when I fly by them.

    Your Integra
    All I can really say is WOW. That's nice and I don't know if it's just me but I notice that all the cars are looking clean inside and out, lol. But yes once again I must say beautiful.
  12. 16" Rota Subzeros

    MA Forum
    I just realized you never exactly put a price on them. How much are you willing to let them go for ?
  13. My first car! 95 ls

    Your Integra
    congrats on the pick up. it sounds like your gonna be busy for awhile with everything that your gonna be doing lol. but yeah hopefully we'll be getting to see some of the progress you'll be making.
  14. Blue DC2 - Custom Crank Pulley

    Your Integra
    Your car looks clean and very nice. Honestly I'm kind of jealous, lol. I actually wanted to paint my car pretty similar to the color you have right now, but I think for now I'm just going to stick with the clover green and try to work with it. Looks like your making very good progress with her...
  15. Just bought her !!!

    Your Integra
    That's a nice pick up. Hopefully you'll keep us updated on the things you got planned for it. I'm waiting to see the outcome. Very clean for the most part.