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  1. Where to get tapered 500cc injector orings?

    Forced Induction
    Hey everyone, I recently installed 500cc injectors and lost one of the o rings that came with them. They are ebay injectors and aren't branded so I'm having trouble tracking down a replacement. The orings that came with them that go in the intake are tapered at the top because the body is wider...
  2. Windshield weather stripping?

    Thanks for the links I really appreciate it. I searched around before calling Acura but I guess I just did a bad job and couldn't find what I needed. Thanks guys!
  3. Windshield weather stripping?

    The weatherstripping is faded, clips are broken and kinda torn up. I want to replace it and called Acura they wanted almost $400 for all the pieces for the front. Any cheaper place to get OEM or something aftermarket for a 95 GSR?