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  • lta362 ·
    Im in the ST class i believe buying a asr 24mm rear sway with a asr brace would be fine. The only reason why i was leaning towards the asr brace is because it has the 24mm rear sway bar included as well as all the hardware, i havent looked into comptech and their prices yet. That as well was another option for me. But overall handling which rear sway did you like the most? my car is a 95 RS so my rear sway is puny lol.
    lta362 ·
    Hi, i was reading a few threads about sway bars and stuff. And i saw you've ran a bunch of different setups. So i've been looking into upgrading my rear sway bar, and i've been looking into the asr brace w/ rear sway, since it has reinforcment and it has a decent size. I wouldnt be buying it just for a nice look, but for the upcoming auto-x season, so it will be put to use. So i was wondering if you could give me and tips to what set up you liked.
    davidpk_13 ·
    I read your reply to the jdm itr center console badge post and I'm still a little confused. Can you please clarify for me?

    Does the Jdm itr center console badge for the armrest eliminator fit for USDM integras?
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