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  1. Newbie

    Your Integra
    Welcome to TI. How much power?
  2. Turbo dc2 integra

    Generation Two
    All turbos supposed to be HP rated by the manufacturer. If your goal is 350whp, your bhp is about 400. You want to run turbo at about 80% efficiency. If 80%=400bhp than 100%=x. Hence 400bhp x 100% divide by 80% equals 500bhp. So, ask the manufacturer which turbine of theirs is rated for around...
  3. Panel Push Pins

    Have you visited your local junk yard?
  4. Hi guys

    Your Integra
    Welcome to TI! Tell us more about your car. Any upgrades or future plans?
  5. Turbo dc2 integra

    Generation Two
    Stick with a known, reputable brand turbo. Doesn't have to be Greddy. I have been using Precission turbo with zero issues. Either GSR or LS engines would handle 350whp. At this power level, you may need ARP head studs. You may look into installing forged pistons and rods. However, to reach your...
  6. Trouble Starting - Could My Loose Injector Be The Cause?

    Generation Three
    To fix your starting issue, replace water temperature sensor that sends signal to ECU. As far as your injector, if it's not leaking I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. crank no start

    CA Forum
    You mentioned that the car cranks but won't turn-over. Could you explain? The reason I'm asking is because "crank" and "turn-over" are synonyms.
  8. 95 integra Won’t start or crank but turns over

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    Make sure it's not in gear when you try to push start it. Or if its in gear then keep the foot on the clutch pedal or it won't roll. You said there was no sound when you turned the key, only the dash lights came on. So the engine wasn't turning (cranking)? If so, the following could be the...
  9. b18c into integra GS what tranny is in this

    LS tranny has longer gears compare to GSR tranny, so acceleration would be slower with LS tranny. B18C engines are stronger than LS hence the car will be faster regardless of what tranny you have. If the sticker on the tranny is gone, I don't think you would be able to tell if its GSR or LS...
  10. New to this site

    AZ Forum
    Welcome to TI. Let us know how it goes.
  11. Stock suspension front end help plz

    Suspension and Brakes
    The cheap aftermarket made in China front suspension parts that you listed will work. I use them in my car w/o problems.
  12. Burning Oil But No Leaks

    Generation Three
    If there are no apparent oil leaks but you are losing oil, it means the oil finds its way inside combustion chambers either via piston rings or the valve stem seals. Both issues are internal. The replacement engine you purchased likely has high miles, same as your old engine. The only way to...
  13. Follower Screw & Locknut Issue

    Generation Two
    Try first heating it up with a torch. Seems that someone may have used lock tight to secure it.
  14. Dash shakes/vibrates when accelerating help!!

    Generation Three
    What mounts do you have installed? The stiffer they are the stronger the vibration is going to be. Also, if your tires are out of balance or if the rims are bent you may also feel the vibration. Any recent accidents that involved undercarriage damage? If so, reinspect suspension components and...
  15. Car died while driving

    Audio, Security and Electrical
    Were you at a light or driving when the car died? Did check engine light come on? If so, what did it read? Has it died again since?