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  1. am i wasting money on oil

    Generation Three
    I changed the oil last on june 20th 2017 with full synthetic and a new filter. I think I should be fine with driving it until the end of this month then putting it in storage without changing the oil until end of april. What do you guys think? I just read that its good to change with new oil and...
  2. am i wasting money on oil

    Generation Three
    What's going on team, I think I'm wasting my money on oil. I think I do 2 or 3 oil changes a year with Mobil 1 fully synthetic along with the Mobil 1 filter. This is my description of how I go through my oil changes. Winter time the car is stored from the end of October until the end of April...
  3. B18b gt28rs (gt2860rs) @20psi?

    Forced Induction
    how long can a b18b1 last with stock internals besides arp headstuds? how long has yours been running for since turbo?
  4. GSR Hand me down...

    Generation Three
    congrats on the car I hope you take good care of it! do you live in an area where it snows? if there are no oil leaks I would recommend running synthetic. if it were my car I would change all the fluids, filters,. I think spark plugs should be fine along with distributor cap and rotor. has the...
  5. grinded a gear mtf change?

    Generation Three
    Thanks for the input
  6. grinded a gear mtf change?

    Generation Three
    What's up team I was wondering if every time you grind a gear do you have to change your mtf?
  7. oil pan gasket how to?

    Generation Three
    Idk how that happend but I'm still going to use an oem one
  8. Another Timing Belt Failure

    Generation Three
    sorry to hear that man how long do you think is sitting too long ? I usually store my car in the winter time for 6 months. bought it from a 1 owner and dealer said the timing belt was replaced around 70,000 miles in april 2010. I think I'm going to start saving to have shop change t belt and a...
  9. oil pan gasket how to?

    Generation Three
    Hey team I have a couple questions I'm confused about on doing a lower oil pan gasket on my 2000 Acura Integra ls hatch. The car is from the Midwest so it has a little rust. I plan on going oem for the gasket and heard I don't need Honda bond if its oem or I apply it to 4 corners which I'm not...
  10. Noob Koni/G.C Question

    Suspension and Brakes
  11. Noob Koni/G.C Question

    Suspension and Brakes
    I know this is months later but I have another question kind of similar that I'm not sure if its ok or not. Lets say my coil is out of the car and the perch is up holding the spring. I can grab the bottom end of the coil (strut) and twist it clockwise and counterclockwise without the chrome...
  12. 215/45 16x8 running issues?

    Wheels and Tires
    Whats your wheel setup? ive been thinking about the same tire setup but I'm all stock so I kind of just want it for looks but am thinking about a 215 45 16/15 or 215 50 16/15 for a 7" or 7.5" wheel. currently deciding what wheels to get but maintenance first!
  13. 15" or 16" wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    either or would look nice, google some pics that's what ive been doing been doing and I went from wanting a slammed look to now changing my mind and getting a type of track stance with a meaty tire but that's just me google images with a lot of key words rephrased and threads have helped me alot
  14. What wheels are these??

    Wheels and Tires
    it looks like a polish doesn't look like chrome though that for sure
  15. Enkei 92 15x8 +25 fitment

    Wheels and Tires
    it looks like your fenders are rolled? Anyways that still pretty aggressive as a wheel setup