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Tips/Tricks/Help on Upkeeping Your Integra
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Help and opinions on fixing up the Interior and Exterior or your Integra
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Auto-X, Road Course, and Drag. Share racing info here.
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Your Integra

Things going on with your Integra (pics, stories, happenings)
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Featured Cars

Questions/Comments about TI Featured Cars
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Team Integra Project Cars

Ask Questions to the owners of the TI Project Cars
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Forum to talk about the TI Car of the Month
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New Member Section

Drop in, say Hi, and get to know the community
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Generation Specific

Generation Three

Questions relating to the 94-01 Integra
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Generation Two

Questions relating to the 90-93 Integra
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Generation One

Questions relating to the 86-89 Integra
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Generation Four (RSX)

Questions relating to the 02+ RSX
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Technical / Help


Talk about increasing the performance of your Teg
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Advanced Tech Corner

Advanced tech forum for serious talk only! All posts are moderated to keep it clean and informative
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Forced Induction

Supercharging, Turbocharging, and n2o Talk
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Audio, Security and Electrical

12 volt questions/help about your Integra
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Suspension and Brakes

Way's to improve your Teg's handling and stopping power
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Wheels and Tires

Discussions on various wheels and tires for your Integra
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Projects/ DIY / Article Talk

Projects for your Teg, Tool Talk, Etc
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For Sale Section - Parts

Got a part for sale? Post all your for sale ads here.
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Wanted Section - Parts

Looking to buy a part? Post all your want to buy ads here.
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For Sale and Wanted - Cars

Looking to sell or buy a Integra? See all the cars for sale here.
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  1. Hello, and thank you for reading. I have searched for days to get down to the nitty gritty on a basic turbo build. The magic triangle (reliable, cheap, fast) has lead me to 2 choices. Cheap, and Reliable. THE GOODS: 2000 Acura Integra LS B18B Apexi Neo safc Stock B18B = bolt ons (I, H, E...
  2. Forced Induction
    I have been recently wanting to make my racecar a little louder for next season. I know turbo cars are generally quiet regardless but mine seems to be substantially quieter than others. My current exhaust setup is a cast log top mount manifold with a bumper exit exhaust about 3ft long off the...
  3. Long story short b18c1 db8 fresh rebuild with 75 miles on it. The car was turbod when reinstalled head gasket shot shift due to stuck thermostat head gasket was replaced along with thermostat. Ok now for a more detailed explanation of my issue at hand. I replaced the hg and was able to...
  4. My b18b1 engine blew in my 97 integra Ls. It was an obd2. I found myself an obd1 version b18b1 engine that is in great shape that I’m planning on swapping in. I’ve heard the law that you can’t put an engine in older than chassis. But hey! I’m 18, cheap, and found this new engine for only $250...
  5. Generation Three
    Got my cars gas tank replaced and a few days later when I picked it up from the exhaust shop I noticed a strong gas smell and check engine light. P1654 and thought replace gas cap. Cleared it and replaced it, same thing. Took it back to guys who did gas tank. They did smoke test to find where...
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