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My 94' ls b18b1
i just recently joined the forum and i wanted to put up some pictures of my car
headers how i bought it
intake how i bought it
painted valve cover how i bought it strut bar how i bought it
four inch custom tip on a 2 1/2 or 3 inch headerback exhaust with cat and currently with silencer on because im not racing anyone
on the uhaul dolly coming back from franklin maine i only dollied it to lewiston and then i registered and insured it all in one day and drove it to...
my dash gauge and bezel before the paint and actual true mileage
what can i do to fix that
the civic motor without the air filter
my old civic that i got for 350 running and driving
angel eyes
kick ass nsx or gsx idrk it was in a mall
looks alright
this is how i bought it tell me what you think
i painted cherry red it looks alright
this was the bland before the paint
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