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Generation Three

  1. Some new issues with the B18C1...
  2. Door ajar light flickers while driving
  3. 96 gsr wire harness
  4. Grinding noises!
  5. Temp Gauge Issues
  6. P72 spark map LO and HI VTEC image
  7. Looking for weather strip JDM ITR HEADLIGHT
  8. '95 DC4 kickdown cable attachment on the trans popped 90 degrees out
  9. Anyone have a HondaHookup account?
  10. Paint it or leave it
  11. B18C1 in an EM1... having some fueling issues.
  12. Clocking upper control arm bushing
  13. Ignition switch wires were cut in a break in. Replaced switch and car won't start
  14. Is there such a thing as adjustable swaybar endlinks for a 2000 integra?
  15. D4 light blinking when cranking car
  16. Rear caliper rebuild kit?
  17. OD of the 'pipe A' right before the flange that meets the CAT. (rs/ls/gs 94-00 b18b1)
  18. 2000 Hatchback Actuator problems?
  19. VA State Inspection Scam!
  20. LS/VTEC Requirements
  21. Coilover Banging & Topped Out
  22. First Post and Need Build Advice
  23. Trunk lid weather strip on gen 3 sedan
  24. looking for info: factory RS without A/C
  25. 98 LS not getting Spark
  26. 1999 Integra
  27. Problem with starting, surging, idling
  28. Get engine low enough, to get direct view of timing belt tensioner?
  29. Integra Piston Soak Instructions Integra Burning Oil
  30. Fast idling
  31. Axle
  32. Prevent door sticking?
  33. GSR not starting after changing ICM, fuel and spark present
  34. Tach freezes at 2700 RPM
  35. Axles
  36. 94 LS Auto bogs/rich smell/horrible mpg/have to take foot off gas to shift into 4th
  37. Bumper lens DRL??
  38. OBD2 B18b/B20 valve cover on OBD1 How-To
  39. DC4 auto transmission help
  40. 1998 Integra Door Lock issues
  41. vroom vrooom
  42. can't pass smog----O2 and Cat not ready
  43. B18c1 swap to B18C
  44. 1996 Integra - Water Leaking Into Blower Motor
  45. even more noise after valve leash
  46. Smoke after driving
  47. Special Idle Surging Issue
  48. Bouncy Idle Only on Cold Start
  49. High Idle
  50. Air flow issue?
  51. 98 Integra timing belt cover
  52. 98 Integra timing belt
  53. 99 Hatch unlock problems
  54. Fuel delivery issue still after fuel pump change, 95 GSR
  55. Trans issue
  56. Which CAT would u buy for California?
  57. 96 Teg, Turn signals won't flash
  58. Why does the brake warning light is on - on the dash when driving?
  59. When did u change your CAT in California?
  60. Stock headlights VS Aftermarket headlights
  61. Where is the EGR and how do I clean it?
  62. 99 gsr ecu on a 01 gsr. Bad immobilizer
  63. High NO at 15mph - everything else is very good
  64. Need some tips on removing distributor connector 98 Integra.
  65. Will 99 gsr leather seats swap straight into a 95 gsr with cloth?
  66. Closeout on parts
  67. Turn signals won't blink when remote locking
  68. Changing brake bias
  69. 3rd gen teggy died on highway
  70. Noisy '97 GSR Compliance Bushings - Replace or Lubricate?
  71. Need a link or 2 for leaking tail lights
  72. Integra Window Sticker (SALES STICKER) Image Request
  73. 95 Integra door fitment on 00 model
  74. 94 Integra LS Clutch Fork Squeak
  75. Plastic beind the door panel
  76. need help, trying to find specific thread
  77. Please help me price this 2001 Integra GS
  78. Dc Integra pre-production documentary
  79. Rear Defroster Issue
  80. Part Search Methods
  81. Radiator Issues
  82. Oil pan gasket without torque wrench?
  83. Jdm recaro seat
  84. Does anyone have the trailing arm bushings remover for rent?
  85. Low Idle Issues
  86. 1998 GS Rough idle
  87. Inner door lock stuck
  88. p0505 code
  89. GSR Oil Leak
  90. 97 overheating
  91. New member
  92. Fluidampr - Review & How-to
  93. Cooling fan not turning on
  94. ISO ITR Passenger Headlight
  95. Ecu ignitionpower wires reading -
  96. How much for a 2001 ITR, with locked up engine?
  97. any maintenance tips for newbies like me
  98. Coolant Leak Woes... Please Help
  99. Need to press gas when starting warm engine
  100. Painting color question
  101. Replacing Belts
  102. Question about Radiator, Please help...
  103. Integra LS breaking up over 4k rpm
  104. Help integra won’t go over 4,000 rpm 94 integra LS 1.8 Non vertex
  105. Front brakes lock up
  106. Clean way to secure brake lines to coilovers?
  107. Engine bay wiring identification needed
  108. 95’ instrument cluster light
  109. Start no crank
  110. 1995 Integra GSR intermittent no start
  111. Auto to manual swap question
  112. SMOG - Engine Swap
  113. 99 Integra Manual tranmission wont shift into anything but 4th and 5th
  114. Advise for possible sale of stock 98 GSR
  115. Integra no crank/no noise situation. W Video
  116. My temperature gauge is being weird
  117. Cruise Control and Horn not working.
  118. Can stock integra seat rails fit on JDM ITR Recaro seats
  119. ATK Re-manufactured Motors from
  120. Reverse light switch
  121. Exhaust help me determine my GSR exhaust
  122. Integra Type R and JDM Type R OEM Exhaust Fitment?
  123. [Need help] Raspiness after header/test pipe install
  124. TPS Voltage
  125. 2000 Acura Integra LS
  126. No screw on distributor rotor
  127. 99 acura integra automatic i did something stupid no fuel or spark
  128. New to the scene
  129. Glove box light not working ?
  130. Airbag wired.
  131. Air/fuel guage
  132. Tranny help....
  133. Idle Surge
  134. Climate Control: Warm Air Mixing With Cool?
  135. HID Retrofit on Quads
  136. Advice one on starting a build
  137. 2000 Gsr
  138. Bizarre Squealing Noise -- 1998 Integra LS
  139. Rear Power Window - videos?
  140. Southern oregon speedster
  141. Wilwood brakes vs OEM wheels.
  142. 2000 GSR Takes a Long time to Start
  143. Domestic gaskets
  144. Engine family/test group ?
  145. OBD2 tach issues after OBD1 Conversion
  146. Need Help With Replacing Vapor Canister and Valve
  147. Car won't start (yes, another one of these)
  148. Car is refusing to take AC refrigerant even though high side is < 100.
  149. 2000 gsr dies when its hot but spontaneously turns on or not
  150. Clutch, Transmission something else... Hell if I know
  151. Car dies when it's hot out
  152. 1995 Acura Integra GS-R Idle Issue
  153. 96 gsr engine in my 94 LS
  154. Power door lock/unlock wires in '00 Integra AUDM
  155. Upper Control Arm Recommendations
  156. Starter Issues
  157. Exhaust
  158. Trouble Starting after Warmed up?
  159. Engine block identification, to oil leak diagnosis, please.
  160. Help- O2 sensor wire harness continuity
  161. Speedometer/odometer not working
  162. Cel code 1 after rebuild
  163. Series of events : started popping out of first now car wont start
  164. Unable to adjust loose throttle cable
  165. Help- AEM EMS V2 stock ITR Map anyone? Fresh rebuild misfires with stock ECU
  166. Gas vapor canister - no code
  167. Vibration in cabin, squeaky clutch, loose shifter on 2001 GSR 150k miles
  168. Belt slapping/chirping sound! Need input!
  169. '95 DC4 Skipping Timing Belt
  170. 2000 integra computer issue
  171. Front Brakes Locked , Stiff pedal 33k odo
  172. Need help giving up on my dream ... 1999 SSBP GS-R
  173. Please help! I think my ecu keeps frying!
  174. Exhaust Extension
  175. Car wont heat up after replacing thermostat
  176. not sure what is going on with my turbo teg
  177. Front brake "anti rattle" springs, do I need them?
  178. Tips on removing a seized tie rod?
  179. main bearings question
  180. Adjustable proportioning valve and non ABS install
  181. Where do u get the battery nowadays, 51R?
  182. Loose plug/cable. Need help
  183. 2001 Dc4 USDM front end part list
  184. replaced clutch but wont go into gear
  185. ITR back to NA with 9.1:1 CR pistons?
  186. RPM jump/fluctuate under acceleration
  187. What cars out there have quiet mufflers?
  188. Rusty Axles
  189. 95 LS running very rich
  190. AC ISSUE, Makes a weird noise, someone help
  191. 2000 sunroof
  192. TPS Calibration Issues, Rotation Maxed out
  193. Main Relay wiring problem
  194. help with exhaust
  195. P and D4 lights light up on start-up?
  196. Lowering the stock seat - swapping seat frame to pre-97
  197. 2000 sunroof wires harness
  198. Cracked or warped block?
  199. Type R "Big Brake" Upgrade - Is it necessary?
  200. Type r sway bars equal balance and exact cause and effect
  201. New here and I have a question
  202. 98-01 Bumper Lenses
  203. It's 2018. Any using aftermarket LED headlights?
  204. Secondary rev limiter 98 Ls
  205. AEM 5 bar map sensor on stock ECU?
  206. Does anyone manufacture new power steering pulley for non-vtecs (B18B1)?
  207. Need help with frame width
  208. Brake Lights Stuck On When Turning On Headlights
  209. Is it okay to use aftermarket bolt to fasten converter to midpipe?
  210. What is this connection here??
  211. Key won't turn at all.
  212. AC belt tensioner bolt
  213. First car, questions
  214. GSR: Replacement Exhaust Manifold doesn't fit A-Pipe
  215. Headlights won’t turn on unless brights are on.
  216. Help Harness problem
  217. Should I go back to NA???
  218. Defroster fan stopped working
  219. Auto Tranny maintenance?
  220. Cranking, No start, clicking under dash 94 integra RS
  221. 5 wire ?? harness to jdm fog switch help?
  222. 98 Integra LS Idle Issue
  223. 98 Integra LS
  224. Rear Windshield Replacement Q?
  225. Can't see power steering level.
  226. Power steering rack spitting fluid?
  227. Amazing Car
  228. Test pipe
  229. Side Moulding Peeling Off.
  230. Plug for rear window sprayer delete. What did you use?
  231. Any mechanics/ rebuild experts in San Antonio, TX?
  232. Hood Replacement
  233. Issues: Dip Stick, Driver Door Light, Exhaust
  234. Rubber seal for Crankshaft Position Sensor?
  235. Ukdm Itr cluster rpm gauge not working properly
  236. 97 integra - what is this engine noise ?
  237. Culprit of oil leak, drain plug side, right and up of oil filter?
  238. What camber kit to get for my Konli Yellow Shocks and GC Springs?
  239. Which Radiator Do I Need? | '98 LS Sedan 5-Speed
  240. 98 Integra GS no start
  241. Steering noise
  242. Revs dropping too low
  243. Weird Wiper switch issue
  244. Rocker Cover Gasket & Spark Plug Seal Part Numbers
  245. 1995 Integra Ls (Auto) - Tune up
  246. Gs-r oil burning
  247. Differences in Supersonic Blue Pearl Paint between 98 and 99
  248. Shifting problems need some help
  249. Integra SE runs good until operating temperature then chugs and misfires.
  250. Reverse camera wiring and location