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Exclamation Site Guidelines

I am posting this thread for EVERYONE, its something that needed to be brought back. I am not going to go into detail as to why this thread needs to be made, I'm sure we can all figure it out. This thread is not intended for anyone to argue or bitch and moan about anything. This is not a place to make suggestions. This text is directly from the old website, not edited in anyway (other than the pictures that do not apply to the new site). Some parts of the guidelines, such as using the search function and location of articles or common topics also do not apply to the new website. Admins/Mods feel free to post any changes or additions as needed.

Simply put .. READ THE GUIDELINES !!!!

Articles can be found HERE

Common Topics can be found HERE

Respect Other Members
Please respect other member's comments and feelings. Team Integra is a tight community of Integra owners. There is no reason to bring anyone down. Those "rice this" and "rice that" insults commonly seen on some other honda sites can stay over there. That type of attitude is not going to fly on this site. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please keep it mature. If you find that is too much to ask, do not expect your account to remain activated.

Previously Covered/Discussed Topics
Welcome to

We hope that you learn a lot from being a member of our website. We appreciate members who are willing to put in the effort to learn on their own time rather than at the expense of other members' time and willing to share their real experiences rather than what they "heard".

There is a box with a list of topics on the top right of each and every Forum called the COMMON TOPICS which are previously discussed threads with detailed "pearls" of info about commonly asked questions (like a FAQ but by the grassroots members and not the website Admins). They save you from having to do a search quite often and are a great time-saving, innovative tool here. You don't see this on too many websites and we are the first to use this format among the honda boards.

As the site has been in existence for a long time, we've covered a lot of basic topics before and instead of rehashing them, we ask that you teach yourself by referring to these COMMON TOPICS first. You may want to click that first and check out all this basic stuff . Your question may very well have been answered already in detail. Each forum has it's own unique list of subjects in the Common Topics.

If you can't find a topic related to what you are interested in, then we suggest that you next try the menu to the top of your web page and check out the ARTICLES section. The ARTICLES are done by the members. By the way, there is a separate SEARCH option entirely devoted to the Articles, once you click into the ARTICLES section. The other Search Engine in the Forums will only show threads in the forums and will not bring up any related articles.

Lots of good detailed info there, most with pictorial demonstrations to help you learn.

If that fails to cover your question, then we suggest that you try the "Search Team Integra" function on the right of the webpage, just below the forum's Common Topics. Enter more than one term related to your topic of interest in the "Enter Search Criteria" box and click the "Search" button.

If that fails to provide you with the correct info or results in too many threads to go through, click the Advanced Search (green little box with "Advanced" under the "Search Team Integra" function).

A new Advanced Forum Search page will pop up. Enter a topic term or terms in the Advanced Search box. Click the phrase button underneath the search box, and choose a particular forum that you think the subject most likely would be found in.

These 3 features on are our "libraries" with lots of correct detailed info available that will probably answer your basic or even some advanced question(s). We ask that you try those first before posting questions. It saves us from answering the same questions over and over again and would be appreciated. This keeps the topics on the forum fresh and progressive with the latest info and not stagnant with repetitive topics.

If you can't find what you need after using these 3 libraries or don't understand something from these 3 resources then, the members and mods will be glad to help you in the forums.

Thanks and enjoy our website. We think it's unique , as far as Honda-oriented websites go, with innovative tools to help you find the info that you need and we're pretty proud of it.

See this topic for even more posting advice.

Posting in the correct forums
Make sure that you are posting in the correct forum for your topic. If the topic could go in multiple forums, please pick the one forum that best fits (i.e. try to avoid double posting). Some forums will have guidelines that popup in the post box describing the forum's purpose. Please read those BEFORE posting to ensure that you are in the right forum.

For example, a question about which rims to get for your gen3 Integra could be confusing as to whether it should go into the gen3 forum, detailing/appearance forum, or the suspension/wheels/tires forum. Since it best fits the wheels forum, please post it there.

Topic Subjects
PLEASE make the subject of your new thread actually mean something and to describe the thread's content for people searching the database. Your thread will be added to the searchable database so that it can help future members with the same problem.

We don't want to see topics like:
- "HEEELLPPPP!" (<<== What do you need help with?)
- "Question" (<<== What's the question)
- "For Sale" (<<== What's for sale?)
- "Hey Joe Schmo" (<<== Send him a private message)
- "Problem.." (<<== whats the problem?)
- "Tires" (<<== what about tires?)

etc, etc...

If we see a thread with a subject like these, it will get locked or deleted because the topics used are unsearchable. So please follow this super easy request.

Bottom line, if we can't tell what forum and what you want to discuss from just the title, the topic subject is wrong.

When it comes to the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, please be as specific as possible in your title. Using two or three simple letters at the beginning, such as "FS" or "WTB" simplifies life for everyone. We have to know if your items are for sale, or you want to buy those items.

Also, please be courteous and keep swearing out of your Subject line and do not write all in CAPS... there's no need for it.

One more thing. There is no need to put "56k beware" or similar things in your subject just because the post contains a bunch of pictures. Not only is dialup nearly obsolete, but statistics show that over 90% of the people using this site are on a broadband connection.

Tech Questions to Mods/Admins
Please keep questions to the forums. There's no need to IM, Private Message, or Email the mods and admins with questions that can just as easily go on the message board.

Just because a person is a Mod/Admin doesn't necessarily mean that he/she will know the answer to your question anyway. Remember that the TI staff are regular TI members just like you.

Also, by posting your question in the forums, the info is added onto the search database so that it can be shared for future members with the same problem. This saves everyone from having to retype out the same detailed correct answer again & again.

Please note that it's not personal when your PM/IM/Email question goes unanswered ! We are just making better use of our time here moderating on the forums and take this guideline seriously. We can't properly answer everyone's detailed personal messages and still do our job here.

Bumping Threads
Keep it fair to all members and do not needlessly "bump" or "ttt" a topic. Chances are very good that if someone knew the answer or wanted to buy something, they would most definitely post a reply.

We know that you want your questions answered or parts sold but with that said, EVERYONE wants their questions answered and parts sold. So again, keep it fair for everyone here.


Examples of what is NOT allowed:
- "c'mon guys i really need help doesn't anyone know?"
- "anyone?"
- "no one wants to buy this?"
- "ttt"
- "x2"
- "x3"
- "x1000000"
- "bump"
- "me too"
- "still available"
- "pm sent" (They already KNOW!)
- "pm replied" (So do the person you're replying to!)
- "dibs" or similar claims (it's yours once you pay for it!)

Basically, if you add nothing new to the thread but just want it placed on the front page for more people to see, it's a bump.

Also realize that this medium, Message Boards, is not "Operators are standing by".... you can't always get an immediate response. Be patient.

If you legitimately need to add information to a thread you recently posted to, by all means use the [ Edit ] link available on your previous post. You can then make whatever additions/corrections you need, and even choose a reason for the edit to be displayed.

Kill Stories/Street Racing/Car vs. Car Threads
These types of threads are not accepted here at TI for the following reasons:

- They are unproductive and present no benefit to the site
- They lead to flaming, arguing, and childish nonsense
- They are a haven for spreading bad tech misinformation
- They often condone illegal activity

Any threads conforming to these subjects will be deleted.

Off-Topic Posts
While the TI Pit Area allows for some posts Integra-related that does not fit the other forums, non Integra-related posts will be locked. However, some off-topic posts will be allowed at the Mod/Admin's discretion.

Posting a link to a 'Rice Cop' site with another person's car that's not to your liking and then bashing it WILL NOT be tolerated. Also posts about getting in trouble with the law, threads about how to fight police citations, and open displays of police bashing will be locked/deleted. These types of threads just add negativity to the site. We don't want any of that.

Polls are also not allowed here at TI. They mainly end up with arguing based on opinions and flaming other members, and contribute nothing to the site.

This rule also pertains to any kind of post-whoring or BS posts.

Additionally, posts on using Integra motors or other components in non-Integras will be removed. These threads do not improve our community's understanding of Integras, and are generally off-topic (as they pertain to Civics and other non-Integras). There are many other automotive resources on the Internet that have answers to those questions.

Quite simply, if it isn't Integra related, it will be locked/deleted.... Starting the post off with "I know this isn't Integra related... but" does not make it all right either, so please don't waste our time. This also encompasses pictures of cars, parts or anything other than Integras or parts that can be used on an Integra, such as your new/other car or your PS3, etc.

Before posting, ask yourself this: "Does this thread help the community at large understand the Acura Integra better?" If the answer is no, then don't post it on this site.


Additionally, "off topic" can simply mean your reply to a thread attempts to change the entire focus of the thread. This could be as blatant as a threadjack attempt, or simply asking an unrelated question to someone that would be more appropriately sent via PM.


Another subject that does not belong here is legal advice. While there may happen to be a few lawyers who use T-I, these sort of questions are really just not something we can answer here. Laws vary so much by state, that anything said here would really only be assumptions and/or misinformation.

Advertising Your Site/Business
Unauthorized advertising is STRICTLY prohibited. We are aware that "other websites" permit these kinds of posts but we do not. We try to keep the value of our paying sponsors' advertising dollars on TI maximized. We are not a "free advertising board" just for any business. We don't give out members info lists either. By limiting "free advertising" in the form of posts or links in your signature, we keep our promise of maximum exposure to our sponsors who are trying to help us grow as a website. If you are interested in sponsoring our site, please inquire here with information about your company, its website, and what you offer.

Similarly, posting "hook ups" (eg. My brother-in-law's uncle can get us tires cheeeeeap) and "Where to buy?" posts are considered to be a form of free advertisements for someone's business. Even though this isn't "YOUR business" per se, it still falls under this guideline.

Anyone caught attempting to circumvent this sponsorship requirement will have their threads deleted and their account turned off.

New Members Buying/Selling on TI
Sorry, but brand new members are on probation in terms of posting items for sale on our site for a short period. Once you become involved in the TI community as an active long-term member and positively contribute, you will be able to sell things to other members. We have had too many issues with fly by night people attempting to scam our members or people who just join in order to sell their parts without contributing anything to the forums in terms of helpful discussions. It goes against what we want to create here: a community atmosphere of grassroots, mature, grounded enthusiasts sharing ideas & helpful knowledge to improve their ride.

Realize that just being signed up for 2 months does not deem you "active" and "contributing" to the website. We are looking for members to actually be part of the site, not just here to unload their stuff. And if your site activity shows that this is the reason why you signed up on this site, rest assured it will be noticed and action will be taken.

Please do not message the staff asking when you are allowed to buy/sell on TI, as you will not get a response. This applies to WTB threads as well. Note that if you are looking for a part and another member posts it for sale, that is perfectly reasonable, however do not post WTB threads looking for large numbers of parts. That shows that you are using the site as a marketplace versus a tool to better yourself and your vehicle.

Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Etiquette
Recently, some members have begun to "hijack" for sale threads with nasty comments, expressing no interest to the sale. If you're not interested in the sale, LEAVE THE THREAD ALONE! Such posts will be deleted or further action will be taken. Additionally, members should not post their items for sale in someone else's buy/sell/trade thread. These posts will be removed.

And please, if you have pictures and a price in mind, then for your own sake, POST THEM..... there's no need to have "make me offers" (post what you are looking for!) or "email me for pics" (just post them already!).... If you don't take the effort to sell what you have to sell, then there isn't any reason to keep your post up..... help others help you.

If you don't think the price is right, you can always try to negotiate with the seller via PM, or just move on. Also, if you are replying just to say something negative about the seller or the item they are selling, don't bother.

FAILURE TO SHOW EFFORT (no pictures, no prices, "email me for details", broken links) on a For Sale post will probably lead to removal... Please, take the 5 mins of effort to make a valid, informative classified post.

Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Restrictions
Posts in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum are restricted to normal quantity sales by active members selling their own parts. Threads should be posted by members who are selling used parts or new parts that they had bought and can't use. Private sales of multiple new parts is considered a business.

Any attempts to circumvent this policy will result in the thread(s) in question being locked/deleted.

All posts in the buy/sell/trade forum must be Integra parts or Integra-related items only and if there are non-Integra parts in your topic, rest assured that the whole topic will be removed. Please realize the one and only focus of this website.

The Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is a privilege. In order to use the forum it is expected that you are to contribute elsewhere to the site as well. Posting frequent Buy/Sell/Trade threads, especially with large amounts of items will be understood as a way of undermining the sponsorship requirement resulting in the threads in question deleted and the users account deactivated.

When searching the Buy/Sell/Trade forum, please keep in mind the dates on each thread. If the thread is over 6months old, chances are the person sold (or bought in a wtb thread) the item already. In this case it is best to PM the OP rather than reviving an old thread.

Text Etiquette: Communicate like an adult
In a new effort to keep Team Integra an efficient and informative website, we request making mature posts. The use of slang language will be grounds for deletion of the offending thread (or whatever action the moderator takes at his/her discretion). Also, please break up your posts in coherent sentences so others trying to help can clearly understand what you are asking (isn't that the whole point of posting?)

Everybody that is old enough to own and drive a car has enough education to communicate thoughts and ideas like a human being.

Typing like this: “1’m teh nUmb4 wun 5tuNNa” is not tolerated. Typing like this: “i have a car and i want to trick it out what should i do should i get a intake or should i get a nos” is not tolerated either.

Slang/shortcuts and incomplete sentences make searches more difficult, are immature, and very hard to read.

Other examples:
- Instead of typing "n-e-1", take the 2 extra seconds to type "anyone", "because" instead of "coz" or "cuz"
- Do not spell "what" like "wat", boy like "boi", or "my" like "muh"
- Just in general, communicate like an adult and you'll be treated like an adult (again, isn't that a valid goal of posting?)

Please avoid typing in ALL CAPS, or it will appear that you are shouting. It also makes posts easier to read.

Lastly, if making a lengthy post, it helps to use complete sentences and paragraphs. Longer posts are much easier to read if they are broken up into logical paragraphs and sections.

We understand that no one is the perfect typist in the world, but PLEASE, make an attempt to communicate as clearly as possible, it makes it so much easier for others to help you.

We're not asking you to Spell and Grammar check every time, but at least make your best attempt to speak plainly and clearly, the "slang" doesn't satisfy that request and if you insist on typing like that, your account will be removed.

Understand that you are a GUEST on this website
Team Integra is a privately owned and operated website and the site rules in place *must* be adhered to while on this website.

The staff and thousands of contributing members of this site work very hard to keep this site informative and free of charge for all, so please, all we ask in return is respecting our house rules while here at TI.

If all this is really too much for you to take time to read, understand, respect, and/or follow, then we are afraid you have your web browser pointed at the wrong website.

Broken Image(s)/Link(s)
This mainly applies to those under the post approval process.

When posting, make sure the links within are correct, whether it's a hyperlink or picture. The easiest way to do this use by using the Preview option before Submit.

If you are unfamiliar with how to post a picture, please see this topic for further instruction.

Any posts which are under the approval process will be denied if they contain broken images or bad hyperlinks.

Your Local Forum is NOT OFF TOPIC
There is no section where off topic posts are allowed, and this includes the local forums. Any off topic threads will be dealt with in a manner found appropriate by the moderating staff.

New Members Replying to Logs/Opinion Threads
During the initial probation period where new members must have their posts approved by a member of the staff, new members are restricted in posting small replies to others' logs/opinion threads.

Examples include replies such as:

-Sick car man!
-Nice car!
-Good work Keep it up!
-x2 Car looks really nice!
-That sucks man, hope you get it fixed

This is taken by the staff as a quick way to reach the end of the moderated period. While these posts are not offensive etc. by any means, they do not contribute to the site in any way, shape, and form.

This DOES NOT prevent new members from replying to logs/opinion threads. If you have something constructive to say or advice to give which will contribute in a positive and constructive matter to the thread, by all means, please post it!

Constructive Contributions to Threads
During the initial probation period where new members must have their posts approved by a member of the staff, new members are restricted from posting anything other than constructive information in any thread. This is your time to shine and show you can contribute to this site in a meaningful way.

This applies to ALL MEMBERS posting inside the Advanced Tech forum. Asking questions etc. is perfectly fine, however posting props to people who contribute etc. is not allowed in order to keep the thread as clean and informative as possible.

Completed Sale
Once your sale is complete it will be removed from the database as it is no longer useful to anyone.

You can facilitate the removal of your B/S/T post by adding "items sold" or a similar post and/or notify a moderator that your for sale thread is complete.

If you have questions, feel free to PM any moderator of the site.

False/Inaccurate Information
Unless you are 100% positive the information you are posting is correct, either research it first or don't post. We strive here at Team-Integra to provide only accurate and legitimate information.

Double Posting
This has become a problem in recent months, especially with new members under the post approval process. If your post is not approved right away, please be patient and do not resubmit it. Posting the same thing multiple times will result in all posts being denied.

Try to remember that the approval process is not automated. A Moderator has to go through and read every single submitted post before it can be approved. This takes time, so please show some restraint.
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it is also now mandatory to have pictures in your FS thread, its no longer just a suggestion.
thank goodness!

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Thank you for posting this, I hope everyone will actually read and adhere to it.
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Not likely,but we'll see.

Thanks OP.
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maybe if we bump it people will see it

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Its a sticky,no need for it,plus there's no bumping threads
But I'm sure you're joking.
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Thumbs up

Thanks so much Jeff for posting this, I wish I had this whenever I posted my suggestion thread, probably would have gotten better responses if I did. This was exactly what I was talking about, having guidelines in the forum and stickied. Great work man.
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Thumbs down

I feel like this post is not effect, whatsoever. There are so many people that do all of these "no-nos" every single day, yet their threads stay up and their accounts stay active.

YOU NEED TO MAKE THINGS SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!! No one is going to sit here and read through all of this before they post. It's just ridiculous. This seriously looks like one of my senseless college professor's class guidelines/rules, and I can't tell if the things said are ambiguous or equivocal.

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and just think... you probably see like 20% of what people try to post on here that gets caught by the post moderation process
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Originally Posted by MorningZ View Post
and just think... you probably see like 20% of what people try to post on here that gets caught by the post moderation process
and like 20% of people actually know the rules lol
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it's all good...

the only thing that perplexes the heck out of me, and has for 11+ years now:

if I was looking for help, I'd:
- 1) be as descriptive in the subject as possible
- 2) provide as much detail as possible
- 3) communicate in a clear method so people can understand what i am asking

i'm really at a loss why that doesn't fall under "basic common sense" for a lot of people..... whatever i suppose... their loss, not mine
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Originally Posted by Reptar View Post
I feel like this post is not effect, whatsoever. There are so many people that do all of these "no-nos" every single day, yet their threads stay up and their accounts stay active.

YOU NEED TO MAKE THINGS SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!! No one is going to sit here and read through all of this before they post. It's just ridiculous. This seriously looks like one of my senseless college professor's class guidelines/rules, and I can't if the things said are ambiguous or equivocal.
If people are too lazy to read the rules then they can deal with threads/posts being deleted.

As far as seeing things break the rules report them instead of complaining.

Do me a favor.From now on don't care what other people think about your car. Do what YOU want to your car. Who gives a damn what other people think about it.
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Originally Posted by tony4311 View Post
If people are too lazy to read the rules then they can deal with threads/posts being deleted.

As far as seeing things break the rules report them instead of complaining.
No one wants to read a bunch of convoluted rules, especially for a website.

I'm not complaining. I'm telling you to fix your guidelines.

You would save yourselves a BUNCH of wasted time, especially if you are deleting 80% of the threads like Morning said.......
Which, if Morning is being truthful, would make no sense at all. If something isn't working, fix it. Don't let it keep being a problem.
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