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Lightbulb Forum Common Topics

These are all the "Common Topics" from the old layout broken down by forum

Forum: The TI Pit Area
Poll: What do you do for a living?
Best car magazines?
Songs that mention Tegs
What's Your Car's Name?
Wanna know what TI is ALL about
Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) list
what does your user name mean?
The Integra... In Movies and TV
Love this pic (tegs in action)
My thoughts on this place
Manufacturer Link Index
Magnuson-Moss warranty act info
Specialty Insurance
TI members on PS3
TI members on Xbox live
What type of Oil? Answered.
Stuff in car in case of emergency?

Forum: Detailing
wax it
Jngrbrdman's Car Show Detailing Tips
.:How to use Rain-X without streaking:.
How to get sap off the paint?
Swirls, Scratches and Holograms
Engine Detailing
Detailing FAQs
Porter Cable: Tips and Advice

Forum: Appearance
what is a good wax
Bad Swirls
Cleaning Headlights
hyperwhite headlights
what is the rarest color teg.. inorder
new paint dirty
installing a oem spoiler, how?
Cleaning checklist
How does paint fade?
Microfiber towels
Orange rust dots on paint
Another place to put front license plate
4 Star Interior Products Review (pics)
DIY: painted caliper real good!
Wet look vs. Shine
detailed wheelwells and underside
The Giant Paint Thread
ITR Lip Installation
Streetstyler 94-97 Front lip
Honda emblems that fit DC2
ishbog's carpet dye *update 8-30-08*

Forum: Competition
best way to launch...
autocrossing damage
Perfect tire size for autocrossing
guys who heel and toe
AutoX Setups
Road course racing links
Racing techniques
Small brake system upgrades
*How to heel and toe - Pictures*
the track VS the strip
Adv. Brake techniques
Honda Challenge Rules
Trailer Shopping
Gear Split :: Shift Point?
the harness w/o roll bar thread
Track saftey-Helmets
Kirk Racing 4pt Roll Bar information
The Head & Neck Restraint thread
Nate's Drag Racing Tech Corner
gearing choices and thrust

Forum: Generation Three
Best Body Kit for a 94 Teg
Maintaince required light?
gsr or type r header on a ls head ?
number for the oil filter
short shifters: truth or dare?
locking drivers seatbelt
Difference between Y80 and S80 tranny?
Weird noise when shifting to 3rd.
Moisture in rear tailight...
spark plug wires & distr. & rotor
Brake Light came on?
Mandrel Bent vs. Crushed Exhaust Tubing ?
Emissions Extension Warranty
How to store a car for long period
Headlight Condensation
Type R exhaust
Exhaust size difference: LS, GS-R, Type R
water condensation in head & tail lights
ITR Intake on GSR /LS? GSR Intake on LS ?
Brand New Intake Showdown!!!
Sequential Transmission?
High octane?
Pounding out dent on interior pieces?
Car Shakes when braking 60-80mph.
RE Water in trunk
My Dyno plot-queries!! ( College)
how does a short shifter work?
CAI vs. short ram
air conditioning leaking
another moldy a/c Q
G3 stock part number database
G3 common teg problems....
recorded improvement of ebay intake
hesitation : Car bogs down
RPM at 80 mph
Horrible Gas Mileage
Parts list for auto/manual swap
illegal to remove SRS? Air bags?
ITR Flywheel Weight
Distributor Fitting & Swapping?
Are G3 Integra lifters hydraulic?
ITR ( type r ) exhaust
Skunk2/B&M shifter FAQ
inside an exhaust resonator
cel 4 CKP, cel 8 TDC, cel 9 CYP
ITR ( Type R ) exhaust : mandrel bent
98 - 01 bumper coversion
Common G3 coolant problems
Spoon throttle body ( TB )
LS valve cover difference
Low Idle , Feels like its dying
Idling Problems Help Links Page
98-01 lip on 94-97 bumper????
take out resonator without bumper?
Identifying JDM ITR Cams?
air/fuel gauge & VTEC ECU Pin Outs
Removing Intake Resonator.
ITR LSD in LS trans. possible?
Post pics of your Exhaust
Good Cheap O2 Sensor Replacement
hatch lock stuck
GSR Throttle Body in an LS ?
Found intake to fit Icebox / stock airbox
Carsound cat, where does this piece go?
Super Magnetic Oil Drain Plug &Oil Filter
cyclone or spiral filters: improvements?
the k20a post...engine swap..k20
2dr coupe GSR exhaust on a 4DR sedan GSR
2dr "vs" 4dr (FACTS)
B18b PCV Valve Part Nunber
icebox fitment issues 94-95 GSR abs pump
Best Short Shifter
c pillar bar and 3 pt. harness possible
abs fluid - brake fluid flush
212lb weight reduction & list
WHIRRR NOISE from engine bay
Broken header bolt / stud from the head !
OBD1 B18b PCV Valve?
Stock fuel pump flow rates
b16a tranny in LS
Block Heater Location
Hesitation problem solve finally!
clutch master cylinder issue
OBD1 B18c GSR PCV Valve
valve cover bolt/stud name or PN
New Starter or Solenoid?
Cheap, potential tranny grind fix...
How to replace fuel pump?
Door won't unlock FIX
Distributor seals?
Failed smog test: high NOx, PASSED!
Oil Pressure: Oil Filter Block Adapter
Integra Production Numbers?

Forum: Generation Two
Bouncy idle, weird throttle response.
question on Gen 2 engine swaps
corner light removal
GEN2 CEL codes
Help Wiring 1PC Headlights
G2 Front End
ticket for 1 piece
teg header with ls/vtec?
99 GSR CD Player in a G2?
90-93 Integra Basic Troubleshooting Guide
1991 integra S3 indicator and statup prob
Power Steering Removal Gen2 90-93
Show off your DA integra!

Forum: Generation One
1986 - 1989 Integra parts listings

Forum: Generation Four (RSX)
RSX Type-R
Tons of 05 RSX info
k20z1 VS k20a
How iVTEC works- Explained with video
Common RSX Problems
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Forum: Performance
Straight pipe /Testpipe vs High Flow Cat?
Clutch Tech from ACT CEO
Valve Cover Breather Debate - Team Integra Forums - Team Integra
VTEC Engagement or switch or switchover?
Aftermarket Crankshaft and rod bearings?
Fuel Injector Cleaner...
Need Resonator? or New Muffler?
I have a car. I want more power. Help me
Skunk2 stage 1 cams
Great header test 2 revisited
ITR valves & cams
High Flow Aftermarket Cat
Injector Duty Cycle
Stroking Your Engine
TB Sizes and Overbore Choices
Air/Fuel Gauge
Engine Honing
H22 in a Teg???
VTEC Cams in B18A or B18B LS Motor
FPR Questions
Cams for B18B / B18A NA ? (see pg.2)
10.4 CR with stock cams
I have an Integra. I need to go faster.
Remote Oil Filter...
EBAY Aftermarket Chips (ECU EPROM)
purpose of air intake resonator
Hondata & Other Standalones Questions
IAB timing
The Great Gasoline Debate: Higher Octane?
My car in December Turbo mag
B20 vs H22a
Head Differences: VTEC / i-VTEC Engines
Multiple Grounding Wires In Series
Crank Underpulley: Honda CTR N1
Dyno tuning locations?
MSD Ignition for a NA setup
2.5 in. Total Exhaust System...
Ignition wires?
J&S Safeguard (Jack & Shirley)
oil consumption *new update*
High rpm idle?
Knife-edging Crankshafts
Valves Upgrading (Stainless, Oversized)
Type R ( ITR ) fuel injectors
HP vs. Torque in a modified engine
Why a manual 5sp is faster than auto 4sp?
Spoon Integra
NonVTEC vs. VTEC Rocker Arm Differences
Transmission and LSD Question
What is a powerband?
Hondata vs Outlaw Thermal IM Gasket
98 type r lsd in a 94 gsr man tranny?
effects of an exhaust resonator
part number for ITR cams
Oil Squirters Install Into B18B LS Block
Titanium Retainers Upgrading Warning
Cam gear tuning basics
Lightened flywheels and Torque
ATTENTION: Tanabe louvered resonator!
matching or replacing cam caps???
Hondata vs VTEC controllers (VAFC) SAFC
Engine Package vs. What part to get next?
itr lost motion assembly
New Resonator Design
Blending Race Gas + Premium Pump Gas
Why Do Injectors Click ?
Cowl Induction and Splitters
ECU Reprogramming/Hacking Websites
HP from aem CAI and Hi-flow Cat back
adv & ret spoon vinear scale cam gears?
GSR tranny + ITR LSD + 98 ITR FD: ok??
Bosch O2 sensor: universal or OE type
what's the IACV?
Gear ratios, final drives, and torque
Sunoco 94 Individual RON and MON
Compression Height & Deck Clearance
IM differences: B18A, B16A, B18C5, B18C1
n/a motor (b18b) to 200+ bhp
upshift RPM landing point calculation?
Final drive chart: USDM vs JDM vs ATS
OBD1 vs OBD2 injectors
Transmissions 101: We're being ripped off
Help 150 SHOT, DSM Injectors??
Too high octane killed power, dyno plot
Break-in Period for Cams?
Spark plug thoughts
Injectors: Saturated vs Peak & Hold ?
Great results: Red Line MTL
Increasing downforce idea
Dynamic CR Calculation Done Correctly ?
Need new axles (driveshafts) ?
Spoon Cam dyno chart loaded
AEBS manifold test, dyno plots, no P/S
Dyno charts of Various Cams and Blocks
When does the B18C1 head stop flowing ?
the one and only intake thread here
the one and only exhaust thread here
Ideal Dynamic CR?
anyone with b16a pistons in their ls
skunk2 stage2 cams: peak hp & CR needed?
The Great Header Test 3
Mugen VS. Icebox intake/Cat VS. Testpipe
OBD2 ECU Reprogramming Options
GM Synchromesh in ITR tranny review
Do they have teg engine torque dampers ?
Limited Slip Differential ( LSD ) Basics
Which piston will burn more efficiently?
Block Girdle & Girdle Fitment for Swaps
Weight Reduction that helps performance
Knock Sensors (Green or Black?)
spiro locks for piston pins
ITR IM to B18C1
ITR valvesprings w/ crower 63402
Ram hood vent or scoop or duct
I/H/E : Low Gas Mileage & Run Too Rich ?
FI hp vs NA hp
Engine Packaging - Gearing Theory
Head Differences: VTEC vs NonVTEC
Fuel delivery, air delivery, injectors
purpose of having a lightend fly wheel
Spun Bearing damage.
so what does low rod ratio actually load?
b18b bottom end
skunk im install hell! UPDATED
Tuning for I/H/C/E Worthwhile?
Stock Car Tuning?
Is this enough flow for my peak whp goal?
Bore:Stroke Ratio & Piston Speed
Oil and water pump comparisons!!
Resleeve My B18C or Do a B20VTEC ??
Frankenstein Transmission - ITR, GSR, LS
Great Website for performance calculators
ITR oil cooler customized
VTEC cam comparison- S2S1, Toda A, BC 3+
B20vtec PCV relocation - VTEC valve cover
cam seals
bbk , Sk2, AIR, JG intake manifold IM
head polish/fuel atomization
piston ring gap
cam gear weights
Crome & NepTune OBD0/OBD1 ECU programs
help: carsound won't fit GSR
B18B Build Up
Quoted Cam Specs Confusion
Torque specs for eagle rods & ARP bolts
skunk2 IM install problems
OBD1 vs OBD2 fuel injectors...difference?
VTEC engagement: smooth vs. abrupt
Bosch high impedance disc injectors
Cylinder configuration and firing order.
Gas Mileage Jump... why?
Polished Ports
Suggestions 4 more power?:Chip vs Hondata
MSD 6A capacitance discharge ignition ?
B18C1 head, IM?: How 2 Read Flowbench pg2
Chipped my JDM P30: Tuning Approaches
Should I get msd 6a and nology wires ?
New Modified Parts and Warranty Voiding
what are ground wires?
More Clutch Tech Talk
WOT open loop Ignition Reprogramming
which tranny to swap into my ls?
LSVTEC vs Turbo: Which 1?
gas mileage dependent on rpm's or not?
B18C Swap or LSVTEC NA (411 Swap Sites)
LS Vtec vs. LS T-4 Turbo
Dynamic CR Calculator: B18B nonVTEC
Discussion about valve spring requirement
Dissecting the GS-R intake manifold
no gap ( gapless ) piston rings
horrible gas mileage help: open loop
DSM 450 peak & hold w/o resistor box?
area under the curve?
GSR or LS tranny???
Skunk2 IM throttle cable bracket for LS
how to: ITR transmission rebuild/ upgrade
General Vacuum Question
Why flow numbers are not important.
Great Article on N/A Hondata Tuning
The Skinny on Octane Ratings
Anyone running Mazda injectors?
OE Gear Ratios/MPH Correlation
Torque, and why it wins races[LIST]

Forum: Advanced Tech Corner
Cam Profile- Dynamic CR Calculator
i wanna know everything about flywheels
confused about flow velocity
Quiz: Guess Which One Is the Fastest.
HP and Torque: What does it all mean?
Gear Ratios, Torque and Thrust
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Forum: Forced Induction
Best eclipse/talon turbo?
Basic JRSC Setup?
For all you low compression whores, read.
auto LS, Turbo,SC, or NOS?
Internal vs. external wastegates
manifold or equal length
Internal upgrades w/JRSC
What do I need to boost with this?
JRSC on LS B18B1
How To: Make your own IC Piping
FI vs. NA - The lowdown...
which engine management? pros and cons
Do I need a BOV?
Determining intercooler size
exhaust system for nitrous
How to find a used JRSC.
T25 on B18B a bad idea?
what valvesprings/valves/retainers
Lower Compression = More Reliable?
turbo analysis: compressor maps
GSR turbo build for dummies
Rev Hard Manifold distinctions
Turbo Manifolds: The Break Down on them
Stock internals and turbo
Effect of GSR IM drag on JRSC 11 psi
Distributor Rotor Differences
How is S/C boost different from Turbo?
ATTN: Turboed Automatics
walbro standard vs high pressure
Jrsc belt sizes researched and revised!
warning: XS Power/SSAutochrome/stonemount
Vtec with Boost?
Article: How to clock a turbo
Article: How to swap Spring in a Tial WG
Cheap ebay turbo kit
AEM EMS vs. Neptune RTP vs. S300
T3/T4 v.s GT28RS
gt28 vs gt28rs vs 18g
Oil feed lines, best way to do this..?
Is it bad to turbo a stock ls?
Which EMS is right for me?
Intercooler size.
Why PSI is Meaningless
Turbo Cam Discussion
Preparing Your Motor For Boost
Full-Race Article on Turbo Selection
Map Sensor Question

Forum: Audio, Security and Electrical
how set antenna to stay up/down?
help me pick speakers.
Subs Decision
Best security system
Fuel Cutoff Security
Infinity Sound Setup
Reccomended System/head Unit
Take 90 mins of your time, protect da teg
Clock doesnt work and Radio doesnt work??
Today's system install
Gotta Have the LoJack.
Project: new alarm install
Funny Car Audio Myths
good online shop for stereos?
G3 Rear Hatch Opening Problem 98+
Clifford Blackjax (installed)
custom sub enclosers
Is this the Radio Code?
Recommended test/tuning songs
Anatomy of a B-series Distributor

Forum: Suspension and Brakes
DOT 4 Brake Fluid and Brake Bleeders
Strut bars, are the pricy ones worth it?
Break-in brakes
camber... good or bad?
DIY drilled rotors?
springs??? which is the best
Spring Folklore
upgrading braking options
How to tell ITR springs from GS-R
ok to go cheap on rear brakes?
100% Suspension Info
pillow balls
*pics* of sway bar tear out repaired
Drilled or Slotted Rotors??
How low should I drop my car?
the basics: what is wheel rate again?
Front swaybar install Q?
bedding in brake pads
Is the stock GSR strut bar good enough?
UPDATE: Suspension Torque Specs
Slip angle and the circle of traction
updated: limit on KYB GR2, AGX, ETC
Are these symptons of Chassis Flex?
KYB AGX vs. Koni Yellows
More on shocks and valving
x-drilled,slotted rotors?
NSX Calipers in DC4
97+ NSX Caliper on GSR upgrade
Complicated sway bar question??
Koni RACE dampers
Fake Tein Stech Spring Warning
Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Install > Tool
Why replace LCA's?
Trailing arm bushing part numbers
lubricating brakes? Sliders, Pins, shims?
ABS Delete now brakes lock up :update pg3
Will Civic suspension fit an Integra?
neutral handling question
Cold Morning = ebrake engaged?
Extended Top Hats for Dummies :-)

Forum: Wheels and Tires
Where to buy rims online?
best tires that are street
Stock Integra Wheels
Largest Rim/Tires that fit on a G3?
painted rims with a success
Need Wheel Lock Key! Missing/Don't Have!
Lug nut fitment
Post your Rota Wheels
Need tire advice. 205/50 vs. 195/55
The Official Tire Review Thread
Lug nuts explained

Forum: Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
My Modified Carsound Cat!
LCA bolt broke update...
changing my clutch
How to do a compression check?
DIY: Chin spoiler (difficulty: easy)
DIY interior makeover
reason for mixing water w/ coolant?
RSX seats in G3 INSTALLED!
DIY Clutch Pedal Adjustment
Autopower Rollbar Install
DIY Aerodynamic Paneling (Diffuser pg 9)
carbon fiber fabrication
coldheat iron soldier
DIY Energy Suspension motor mount install
Rod knocking what should I do?
DIY How-to wire JDM horn
IACV, FITV, IDLE problems, and Timing adj
***How-To Leakdown Test***
Compression test specs
Project: Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
*** How-To*** Clean Your FITV
RC injector DIY?
JDM S2K seat with DC2 seat pan
How-To Install Valvesprings & Valve Seals
Need help installing optional sideskirts
DIY: G3 Howto Replace Alternator or belt
DIY: HID with G3 underhood fuse box
Direct Port Nitrous - How To
DIY Gear Shift Rod Replacement
Help me select HVLP Gun and Compressor
DIY: 1$ brake/clutch bleeding tool
O2 sensor wire color diagram
DIY: g3 heated mirrors

Forum: Buy/ Sell/ Trade
Where to buy OEM parts?
Dash Kits from
Tools to keep TI transactions safe

Forum: Your Integra

A complete table of contents
Post Pics of Engine Bays
hate snow - post your snow covered tegs
four door love
Tips for photographing Tegs?
Post your JDM Front!
Show Off your OEM Optional Kit
Post your Clover Green Teg!
Your Best Interior Pic
Post Milano Red Tegs
Post Silver Integras
SSBP teg pics
The difference in teg photo's
Post Your Carbon Fiber Hoods!
Cypress Green Pearl Integras
Post your DVP (Dark Violet Pearl) Tegs!!!
Post Voltage Blue Tegs!
Paradise Blue Green Pearl Tegs
Post White Integra Pics
Show off your Custom Paint!
Winterized! Your Beater Ready?
Post ONE SINGLE favorite pic of your car
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All these topics are scattered around in the forums, they weren't consolidated like they were in the past.

I figured I'd help out. I know I wasn't the only one to use the common topics, if I was at least now its easier to find some good info solid.
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Thank you jl2218 for taking the time to do this...

easy guys above, what he posted has very very little to do with the Your Integra ToC.....

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.17.09 AM.png
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- Running Log, the trials and tribulations of building a car

echlonwarrior: "Hondabond saves lives"
K2sInteg98: "the best thing to do is keep spending and not keep"
dpaton: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
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jl2218 - You're the man. Great job and thank you.
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Sorry about my first post,i was sleepy and didn't understand what you wore doing tell later on. Thanks for the time and hard work on doing this for use OP.
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