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[QUOTE=MxRider;3209426]$2k and they didn't total it out?!?! Have you had an insurance adjuster look at it yet?

Last year I was driving behind a tow truck and a Car dolly flew out of the back of that thing my car ran it over(Damaged my driver fender, bumper, ripped my carbon lip into pieces, broke front LCA, I was getting quoted $1700) And the adjuster said a lil bit more damage and he would file it as a total loss.

In my eyes that's your best bet to shoot for. That way they pay you out for the car and you can still fix it and sell it or just part it out but at least you have the $$$ cushion from the total loss to go get another teggy.[/QUOTE

I appreciate the responses. Maybe I forgot to mention.
We carry liability only.
Car was paid for in cash and since the value of the car is barely more than 2500 no sense in carrying collision.
Well at least I thought until now.

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