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Originally Posted by turnerg1 View Post
As the title says my sons car got rear ended the other day.
Did enough damage to the reinforcement beam and the left panels in the rear that estimates are coming in near $2K.
This is a 2000 GS with about 155K miles on it.
Im torn as to what to do with the car.
Fix?, Sell as is? Part out?
its actually very drivable but in order to get a new bumper cover put on the frame will need to be pulled out and that will be expensive.
My son is not completely in love with the car anyway. Weve had it for 4 years and put about 35K miles on it.
Im not really interested in paying 2000 dollars to fix a car when I could put that towards something else.
Would like some feedback on what others have done.

sell it and get a hold of a better one
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