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Heres mine, not much just got it a few weeks ago for $1400, needs some work, already put a bit into it.

Work and modifications already done when bought or i have done since include;

Full DC Sports Exhaust and headers
Cold Air intake
Tein Street Flex Coilovers both front and rear, lowered what looks to be about an inch, i cant tell
New Distributor Cap and rotor
New Rear engine mount with bolts(those bolts costed $57! talk about OEM price gouging)
Old Engine blew the guy gave me receipts where he had a JDM engine imported in and swapped, problem is the people who put the engine in left alot of things to be fixed which is the problem im running into now.
New Transmission
New Clutch with 7lb flywheel
new slave cylinder
Blackworks BWR Radiator
and thats it for now. As soon as everything is in 100% working order my planned modifications over the next year from first to last are.

Body work, getting the rust spots out and repainting.
Engine Rebuild with ARP Headstuds, JE Forged Pistons standard size, Skunk2 Alpha Connecting Rods, Skunk2 Pro series Cams and cam gears, WeaponR intake Manifold.
Then I will start putting together parts to boost it.
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