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Well I finally got time off during the day so I went in to town and picked up my autox magnets and ARP studs.

The studs that the garage ordered were for the B20 with a B16 head so I have no idea if it will work with my B18B1...Anyone know if it will work?

Does anyone have any idea what kind of nut this is and what socket will fit it? The instructions don't say anything about them.

Also, I am not sure which side to put in to my block and which side goes on my head.

One side has an allen key on the top of the threads and the other doesn't so I am completely lost!

My mishimoto catch can also has a big problem because I was gonna connect it to my PCV and then out in to my IM but I can't find a thread pitch and diameter that will work and the hose they gave me is too big for it. With that said I will probably send back the can.

I also ordered an HKS BOV, grams 550cc injectors, and an AEM UEGO wideband kit. Hopefully the injectors will work fine for my 240WHP goal. Any clue if I can just wire in the wideband with my current tune and have everything run the same?
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