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alright these next pictures can get nasty....i envy you guys that live where winter and road salt is a non-issue...

wheel wells need a good scrubbing before i apply the chassis saver

What did they use to coat this car from the factory? with the exception of a few spots where something broke throuhg, the majority of these areas under the car are fine

rusty hook

bumper support is getting rustier as we go up..

bam! need a new one of these for sure, hope they are still available

i was definitely glad to see these spots looking very solid.

one of the three seized calipers...this rotor has seen much better days

i attempted getting a picture of the rust spot on the rear driver's quarter. its not terrible.

same spot

this is in the center channel where the exhaust goes and the brake lines are supposed to be

this looks worse than it is i think. the metal is all solid, the shifter is super loose. not sure if its the actual shifter or if the bushings are shot

again i'd say 75% of the underside looks like this

passenger front, i think the control arm has seen better days, its solid but i hate rust

rust in the exact same spot as the driver's side, guys up in the north east that drive your cars all year round, pull your wheel liners and check this spot before it looks like this!!!

other than that, this is looking like a good spot

alright, now onto the worst parts of the car, the passenger rear. there is one area back here that has me worried, not 100% sure how i will address this. open to ideas.

rear passenger 1/4 - not super concerned here.

the rest behind it looks good

i'm not sure if this will come off, i think i'll need a few gallons of pb blaster

ehhh, not great but i'll work with it

this spot has me pretty worried. it seems solid, i couldnt poke through it but its really bad in this back corner. i hope roughing this up with a wire brush and then hitting it with the chassis saver puts a stop to it. i'm afraid to take a grinder to this spot, that metal probably isnt the thickes to begin with. any suggestions?

so this is where i'm at now. i've already assumed this car will not be back on the road this year, i've got a lot of work ahead of me just in the chassis prep and repair let alone fixing all of the stuff the other owners did. i intend to save my car!

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