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well since $$$ is tight, i figured it would be best to give the car a real good once over to see what they've done to my car lol. i have a ton of pictures, if my laptop is cooperating later tonight i'll upload the carnage i found.

i'm going to be welding in some metal to say the least. there is a lot of under carrige rust. i pocked around, nothing seems to be completely penetrated with the exception of the one rear quarter and the one part up under the drivers side front fender. that spot is bad. i may re-position the car and start dissassembly to get get ready for treating this mess of rust. i'll end up pulling the exhaust, steering knuckles, coil assemblies, control arms if i can, front and rear bumpers, and hopefully drop the gas tank. then i'll start treating this cancer.

the rear metal bumper support is completely eaten away to nothing, it looks like a shark got back there.

under the hood is ridiculous, it was definitely not like this when i sold it.

oh, and they re-routed the brake lines i think.. dont the brake lines on these cars travel in the cavity above the exhaust?

i also checked the CEL. i just used the jumper wire method, i dont have access to a code scanner. its putting out code 67 for the CEL and 12 for the ABS light.

here is a couple pics (i took many more):

my ITR manifold and valve cover need some attention

i'm sure this is suppsoed to be plugged in to something... you can also see they did something with my p/s removal? i used to have i think it was hondatech member padawan(?)'s kit. really nice kit, nice small reservoir. i dunno what is going on here.....

probably needs a cam seal, and the vtec solenoid wire fell off when i brushed up against it.

rust bubble coming through by the drivers tailight

for the most part his looks ok. i'll be taking out these skunk 2s and put in stock ones. i dont need the skunk 2s with ITR coil springs.

re-located brake lines??

and the first spot that needs a metal patch. its ugly.

it looks like that hole that holds the fender liner blew out, i'll just grind and weld a patch there and shoot in a screw. all of which will be coated in chassis saver or por 15. that lip is mostly solid, if i find out otherwise when i start grinding then it will be gone lol

i'll post the rest of the underside carnage later...

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