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alright, not necessarily a worthy update but i had a chance today to get a closer look at things. i located a 94-97 bumper today that needs painted. its red now, $50 so i'll be picking that up tomorrow.

when i get into the rust removal phase, i'll be removing the front and rear bumper. i see a couple areas that look suspect so it will just be easier with all of it out of the way.

and the trim pieces on the doors that support the windows...i think i need 4 new ones. i dont think they are keeping water out of the door properly and i noticed on all 4 doors there is rust bubbles at the bottoms of the doors. i've never tried to fix a door before, i don't know if its worth trying or if its better to just locate 4 doors that hopefully dont have the rust at the bottom. heres a few more pics...

the top end conditions:

this last one doesnt look bad but has the worst rust.

thats not mud that's rust coming through up pretty high on the door.

passenger rear

driver front

driver rear.

the passenger rear is actually probably the worst. i shoudl get a pic of the door open, you can actually break the rust off. is this fixable or should i start looking for better doors?

my younger brother let me borrow a car cover so i can try to stop more water from getting down inside of the doors until i can get this all figured out.

i priced new window trims off an online honda dealer too. not terribly priced

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