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so as far as my plans, nothing crazy. obviously need a hood and bumper, want to keep it all 94-97. i need to fix the rust, and a few misc odds and ends that were at the end of their lifespan when i sold it 5 years ago.

id like to swap out the rear leather for cloth, i actually sold the car with the extra cloth seat but who knows where that is now.

i may look into putting the power steering system back in the car if i can locate someone selling the whole system.

The car runs great but has a CEL on and it idles high (+/-1200 rpm).

Also, my tastes have changed a good bit since i bought the car when i was 20 lol. i may look into a quieter exhaust (this is the one i had made for the car, but i suspect a leak somewhere) or maybe even find a stock mid pipe and a type r or rsx axleback for the rear.

This won't be may daily driver, but its no race car thats for sure.

Since i have my house to deal with among other projects, i think the first things i'll do will be the free ones. like, clean up the engine bay, remove my ridiculous home made ground wire kit, clean up the interior, change the major fluids, remove any unecessary wiring that the car might have now that 2 other people have owned it, start rust proofing the under side and start grinding away the bad metal in the rears. stuff like that.

thanks for looking, i'm so excited to have this car back in my life again. May sound stupid, but this car holds a lot of sentimental value to me.

so, get ready for the slowest build thread ever lol

1996 DB8 Bought 2003--->Sold 2010--->Bought Back May 2014 Restoration in Process!!
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