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Originally Posted by dalbaer View Post
Finally! I found something that worked about 85%

I used meguiars headlight compound and worked it in for a good 30mins. got rid of 85-90% of the spots.
(the spots werent water, and they were on the plastic in the front, they had like a haze to them kinda like a headlight, except not yellow and were splattered.)

(i was told it was probably armor all that didnt get wiped of)

after the compound, for a finishing touch i went over the whole thing on the outside and insind very quickly with some lacquer thinner. now its at about 90-93% clear.

((although i like the way it looks without the clear cover, might just leave it off (and no im not gonna hit the gauges by accident, ive taken apart my whole cluster and installed led strips) Im not gona mess up my gauges)

Yeah Armor All will cause hazing on clear plastic.
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