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hey- I talked to AIG and they wanted $1700 for every 6 months with no aftermarket coverage. That's almost twice what I pay here. I knew insurance in Hawaii SHOULD be cheaper since you have a law against age/sex discrimination when factoring insurance premiums. I also have no previous infractions or accidents.

I also talked to Progressive today after someone reccommended them on forumshawaii. on the phone progressive offered a $1381/year premium with $4000 of aftermarket coverage. They told me thats the highest they offer in Hawaii b/c I did ask for $5000 worth.

They told me on the phone that anything bolted to the car is covered by the "aftermarket stuff". Ie rims, CAI, Exhaust, headers, speakers, headunits, amps... but not portable cd players, cds, tapes, laptop computers etc (some people don't realize this but these items are usually covered by your home insurance).

anyways- thanks for the welcome... I hope you have a meet after I get there so I can meet some people. I lived there for 2 months last summer so I sorta know my way around... been to the clubs with the few people I do know... I'm excited to be coming back.

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