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whats up tihawaii. I'm moving to hawaii in oct so have the meet after then- heh. Oh yeah you better believe the Tegs coming with me... couldn't bare to leave it behind.

Anyway... yeah this Hawaii forum is dead so that's kinda sad to see. Our ohio forum is pretty big with lots of active members. we had a meet in May which was pretty damn sweet. Something like 20 tegs throughout the day.

hopefully something like that could be arranged out there. Compared to ohio- Hawaii is a mecca of import enthusiasts (We got all tons of the ford and chevy plants up north).

um... recon sucks... I'm f**ked but oh well- guess I will have to change some things. What insurance carrier does everyone have? I want to get something to cover my aftermarket parts like I have here.

edit: I'll be staying in either aiea or mililani.

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