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Holy crap, we had over 100+ cars this past Sunday! I just wanted to post the rules of the meet so that you do not embarrass the rest of us Integra owners and get us kicked out from such a great spot.

First, the police know we hang out there, they are cool with us there, and will not shut down the event unless the following rules are not broken. We also have permission from the surrounding businesses to be there.


1. No burnouts or excessive revving of your engine. We have seen idiot’s burnout while leaving, and crashing their car into a loading dock, breaking a gas line. You do not want to be one of these idiots. This is a family event, so there are people’s children and pets walking around.
2. No racing period. Keep it on the track.
3. No littering. Respect our meet area and pick up after yourselves.
4. No disrespecting. To each their own. We are all car enthusiasts trying to have a good time. Respect others.
5. If you decide to invite your friends, it is your duty to make sure they read these rules.
6. Lastly, hang out and have a good time. Turn your sounds up and enjoy yourself.
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