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Want to hear another sad story? I sold Integra shell for $2.2K (a $10,000 loss). My mom loaned me another $3K and I purchased '92 Honda Prelude just to get around. One of the headlights had a water damage which I replaced. Next day, following the replacement, the engine caught on fire while my ex was driving it home. By the time fire department arrived, the hole front end of the car was on fire. Apparently, I forgot to put the bulb back into the new headlight. It was left hanging by its wire. So when the headlights were turned on, the bulb began melting the plastic that it was leaning against. I don't know what I was thinking that day, when I tried starting it after the fire was put away. Didn't realize that the timing belt melted. The engine turned. Not sure if its a zero clearance engine or not. If it is, I likely bent the valves. I ended-up repainting the engine bay (with the engine still in). Removed all burnt components. Turned-out very well actually. You could no longer tell there was a fire damage, but it was missing front bumper, fender, hood, headlight etc. I didn't do any work on the engine, so it wasn't running. As is, I traded it for a '95 Integra, with $3,600 cash on top.

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