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Just saw ad on Craigslist. A person asking help locating his stolen Integra. It reminded me of my previous '98 GSR that was also stolen and stripped to bare metal. The cop who made the report questioned me as if I stole it myself, though all I carried was a liability insurance. My Integra was found sitting on bricks on a side of a road 2 days later. At first I didn't recognize it when I came to the towing yard. It wasn't until I found my pictures inside the car is how I knew the car was mine. It only had 38K miles on it. To my surprise thieves left a tool behind. I carefully placed it in a plastic bag and brought it to the police department. The cop that I talked to, took the bag from me and began tossing it in her hands as if she wanted to make temper with the evidence. I asked her what she was doing. Her response left me speechless: "Are you worried that I'll remove finger prints? Don't worry, there are no finger prints on it." She never asked me for my name or the case number. I never heard back regarding the case. Took a long time to recover from this financial loss considering I was getting paid minimum wage.

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