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It sure reduced my motivation, but was no surprise to me. There are many dishonest people out there. Just a few months earlier I became a victim of another scam. The place is called "Firestone", a tire shop. I brought my car for the inspection only. Had a squeaky noise in my front left wheel. A representative took possession of my car asked me to come back in a few hours. Upon my return he told me the problem was fixed and demanded $535 for the parts and labor. I reminded him that all I asked for was to have it inspected, since I was planning to do the work myself. In response, he said I have only 48 hours to pay the bill or else he will start charging me for storage. I borrowed money and got the car back the next day. To my surprise the noise was still there. I walked back in the store and told him about it. He looked me in the eye with a smile and said " Oh yeah? No problem, just give me the keys and we will take care of it for you in no time".

I just walked away...

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