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Originally Posted by JDMITRSWAPPED View Post
omg man i just caught up with this thead! I love it bro. PY R's FTW! I love seeing people drive their cars and bro you are living it up by tracking your car where I only dream of.

Are you anywhere near Struttgard (i may have mispelled it)?

I love these pictures of you with cars we don't see in US. Are you still turbo'in? shit i might just have to finish mine if you do.
Sorry man I just now noticed the comments on my thread. For some reason the notifications are not working right. I am still going to turbo but doing it very slowly. I have not done too many track events this year but will continue to do it again next season.
Im only an hour away from Stuttgart. Thanks for the kind words. Your PY ITR is coming along nicely don't sell it.
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