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If you can, I would put up as many detailed pictures as you possibly can. You've clearly put a lot of hard work and money into that car, and it has some really nice parts in it, so show them off! I can tell you, nobody will spend near that kind of money on a 96 Integra without first knowing what it looks like inside and out.

With respect to the price, like Sayed mentioned I can understand how much it stinks putting so much money and effort into the car and having to get rid of it for so much less than what you spent, but these cars just don't hold value like that, no matter how nice the parts are. You unfortunately can't base the car's price on the value of the car itself plus the receipts you have for it. If that was the case, I could sell my car for only a bit less than your listed price (check my thread for mods list...). I hate to say it, but $18k will get you a pretty decent E46 M3

MY FS THREAD!! (updated 6/3/12) I also have some brand new J's Racing and Mugen parts (shift knobs, oil/radiator caps, wheel nuts, etc.), PM me for more info.

My sedan running log! (updated 6/29/12)
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