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ah thanks for all the inputs.
Originally Posted by tlangy on Nov/29/10
First: There are no "testing waters" here on TI, either it is for sale or it isn't.

I've seen cars with just as many mods if not more, go for half of what you're asking for this car. With that in mind, I am VERY curious to see exactly what kind of numbers you put down with that turbo setup and the level10 transmission. A better price would be 10k obo and you'd be very lucky to get that.

Some dyno sheets could also help your cause quite a bit.

Yeah, I not testing waters then. I was also curious what sort of numbers it'd hit with the built motor
and need to find the documents from dyno the current motor

Quote: basketballrox10 on Nov/29/10 Price is a little high... I've seen really nice GSR turbos making around 300whp go for less than 10,000 on here. Car looks amazing from the few pictures though. GLWTS
Yeah I'm lowering the price once I see how much I've put into it, then take 40% off.
Will get current pics of the engine bay and etc up shortly, maybe this weekend.
nothing really under the hood is over 4 months old, tranny is not even a month old yet lol
if I can only get less than 10k for it, I might as well struggle a bit longer and keep it for few more years and use up my moneys worth.
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