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Hi guys, so I did some research on the forum to find out why my dad's 94 RS is not starting but no luck so far, maybe I didn't spend enough time in it. But here it is and I appreciate any input!

Engine turns over but won't start, I checked the battery, starter, ignition coil are all good. I have also replaced the ignition control module and rotor for the distributor. I kinda tested the fuel pump but having my dad turn ignition to on and do hear some noise around the fuel filter. I have also checked if there is spark from the spark plugs and there were though didn't seem very strong sparks but they were there.

So I replaced the spark plugs but they're now blackened, will this affect anything? So I'm thinking about testing if the fuel pump is delivering any fuel at all since when I was cranking the engine, I pressed the gas pedal and nothing seem to happen at all. I remember when the timing was off while I replaced the timing belt, I pressed the gas and I felt the engine was cranking louder though not starting successfully. But I thought having noise when turn the key to on proves that pump is working. Will it be pump is not having sufficient pressure? I'm thinking about testing it and am wondering if you take the banjo bolt off the filter cos it seems pretty snug and hard to unscrew and am not sure if it's supposed to come off. Someone said I can take the fuel line off and crank it see if there is gas that comes out, which line are we talking about exactly? Would this mess up the pressure that's suppose to build up?

And someone in the forum is suggesting it's the ignition but pretty much every is tested working or new except the case itself and there were sparks! Can this rule out distributor?

And how do we test if there is enough compression from the engine? Someone suggested shoving something into the cylinders and crank the engine see if they get popped out but will this cause potential damage the engine?

How likely will this be the timing is off? It's been 4 years since I replaced the timing belt , should I test if the timing is off? Is there an easy way of doing it?

I am thinking about towing the car to pepboys for a diagnosis since i have already drove 200 miles to my dad's and spend my whole weekend when I am supposed to be studying, and still can't fix it. So I'm home again and hopefully I can find out more about what might be wrong and go home one more time for my last try.

Thank you all fore spending time in reading my question!
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