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Stock suspension front end help plz

Hey guys! So I’ve been trying to use the search function but l can’t seem to bring up any threads for my specific question.

I need to replace the front end bushings in my 97 GS integra. I just recently bought the car, went to get an alignment and the shop called to tell me “all” my bushings are dry rotted up front and they “did the best they could”.

So now I’m trying to research replacement bushings and l found some control arm kits that seems to just come with everything new for a nice easy remove&replace...UCA’s LCA’s tie rod ends ball joints and sway bar links to be specific. The kits are ~$150-240. My question is; are these type kits legit or a gimmick? Decent parts or total junk? It’s been so long since I’ve been in the game...we used to just buy the bushings and cut/torch/yell for as long as it took haha. I’d really love to not fight replacing the bushings, but it seems so cheap for all those parts. Any wisdom? Thanks!!!!
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