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Originally Posted by danteisme View Post
Well for one the LS won't have the VTEC system wires in the harness, and the 2001 is OBD2B, while the 1996 is OBD2A. I'm not 100% certain of what all of the differences are with that, but i'm pretty sure the plug connections at the ECU are different from A to B.
An obd2a engine bay harness works on an obd2b car, it also has that blue tach wire to the one of the shock tower connectors. Connecting a gsr engine harness to an LS leaves ton of unconnected stuff. But can get you mostly running...

I am currently using an obd2a LS engine bay harness on my 2000 with GSR swap with no issues (plus vtec subharness). I stupidly bought a GSR harness that sat for years in my garage and it was basically disintegrating by the time I did my swap and went back to an LS harness to solve my weird issues I was encountering. Should have kept my original harness even if I would have had to add the blue tach wire

You are right about the ECU side being different though. That is where I am not certain how the VTEC, Knock, and IAB shock tower plugs are wired in...Im guessing directly to the ECU?

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