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Originally Posted by tony_2018 View Post
REALLY rough shape...

Came across a few down here in the D.C. area. One was a 1999 GSR with rust cancer on the fender, rip seats, beyond filthy dirty interior, clear coat gone in some area, motor need work with 212k miles and it was sold for $2,600 (3rd ownership).

There was a RSX-S that my friend was selling for a customer with 312k miles ripped seats, cracked windshield, few rust motor did not fired up but turned over and clutch was done. exhaust rusted thru. It was sold for $4,200.This one was left in the field because when we checked it out on the car lift it was full of grass, mud on the undercarriage.

About time I can now apply for Historic Tags for my GS/VTEC Automatic and no more SMOG
In other news: New edition to the family born on August 21, 2018 @ 3:10am

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