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Temp Gauge Issues

Hello, this is my first post on TI. I am having really strange issues with my 1998 GSR... Its been running hot since I got it. Ive replace thermostat, alternator and battery. It doesn't leak coolant, it leaks a small amount of oil. If i keep the RPM's higher than about 3500, it won't overheat, but when cruising it does. Using anything electrical makes the gauge bounce about 1/8, such as turning headlights on and off, turning the heater on. I brought it to a shop and they couldn't find what it was but said its most likely a cracked block but I have my doubts about that. I feel no power loss and see no smoke, and its been doing this for almost 8 months and I daily it about 10 minutes to work every day. Any ideas?
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