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Alright, so i lost my cool and listed this car for sale for a hot minute yesterday. I have since gathered my senses and decided to continue on. I worked on the car for about 4 hours yesterday and got absolutely nothing accomplished. I removed the evaporator and blower motor quickly, then moved onto the heater core. This stupid thing just does not want to let go of the car. I'm having a VERY hard time getting the hose clamps / hoses to slide off the inlet and outlet of the heater core. I replaced these hoses at the beginning of the project, and it was super simple, but most of the engine bay was torn apart and there was nothing in the way. Now, we have the fuel lines, brake lines, intake manifold etc... all in the way making it very difficult to get enough room for any kind of leverage to get these hoses off the core.

The interior still looking like a nightmare

And the god awful hoses and hose clamps in question.

Still no resolution with this crap. And then my heart really sank when i realized this harness goes back behind the firewall mat. So I will need to remove this, and anything else on top of it, to replace this harness....."insert sigh here"............

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