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Originally Posted by JH4DC2Man View Post
That CD looks to be cheesier than Cheetos lol
Oh it is for sure.

So, this weekend was frustrating. Well, mostly frustrating. I finally got the dashboard out, I had to cut a couple of wires from the harness to my alarm just because of how it was installed. I didn't see any other way to do it. So, its out and now I can start to replace the cabin harness along with the heater core because I really don't want to ever rip out the dash again. Also the brake light switch to see if that fixes my cruise control issue.

Also, still in process of doing a little seat part swapping to take good leather and foam from a passenger seat, and swap it over to a drivers seat so i have good front seats in the car. By the way, public service announcement - THERE IS REALLY SHARP STUFF INSIDE OF THE SEAT. I found out the hard way when I reached my hand up inside of the seat to release the headrest.

No pictures of this, but this is probably the most frustrating part of my Integra work this weekend. Why is it harder to remove the freakin door handles, than it is the dashboard? I fought with my passenger one for an hour, and it is still in the door. I can't even get to the one bolt for the drivers side. The manual says, raise the door glass up completely, and then use the access hole in the door to use a 10mm and ratchet on the bolt. Well, this is applicable on the passenger side of my car, but the glass still completely covers the bolt on the drivers side. Not sure how this is possible. Anyone have some good tips to get these stupid things out of my doors? The rears were simple to remove, both sides in less than 15 minutes probably.

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