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Responding from your PM.

I read the description of the axles link you sent me. I'm calling them out because it said" it's for ABS and non-ABS". The differences is the ABS has a ring and non-ABS does not have a ring. If you throw a non-ABS axle into a ABS vehicle it will throw a bunch of codes.

You need axles for ABS and the 32mm and not the 36mm.

USDM GSR, LS/RS/SE/GS - 32mm axle nut size
JDM 36mm axle nut size (This is what I'm running since I'm running custom ITR 5 lug conversion on a JDM SIR-G AT trans.

About time I can now apply for Historic Tags for my GS/VTEC Automatic and no more SMOG
In other news: New edition to the family born on August 21, 2018 @ 3:10am

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