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Everyone seems to be having great luck with this lol a quick update to the thread though: I’ve been playing around with the idle screw on the throttle body and the idle valves that I have (switching them back and forth) and I changed the whole intake to a new cold air one. I checked my plugs a little bit ago and all except one look good. Well now for some reason the motor went from dying if it idles too long, to dying once it’s warm. It’s fine on start up but as I drive the car and it warms up, once I come to a stop it will begin to slowly drop down the rev range and come to a halt unless I give it gas or hit the brake pedal (I said previously the engine revs a small amount when I play with the brake pedal).
Im taking the car in for a full engine rebuild to prep for boost especially with a possible spun bearing. If anyone has any info on the sudden warm engine death then let me know. Otherwise I’ll keep the thread updated afterwards
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