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Originally Posted by jjkz24 View Post
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I thought you had to have upgraded camshafts to match upgraded valve springs and retainers? What springs and valves do you use for stock cams?
You're thinking of it backwards. Cams are not chosen or determined by the springs & retainers that are chosen. Cams are chosen from what the peak whp is trying to be achieved, and where you want the power gain to be along the RPM's.

Valve float -

There are two types of valve float. Loft, and Bounce

Loft - Basically, caused by too little of open pressure. Usually occurs when there's excessive cam speed (high rpms)

Bounce - When the valve bounces off its seat before it settles (too little seat pressure)

My engine is all about mid to peak power. Because of where I rev my engine, I have stiffer springs / retainers

My valvetrain is all Brian Crower
And what do you think of it? Do you have the dual springs with titanium retainers? And do you have upgraded valves? I’ve been looking at crower for a while. Someone even told me that I cannot have an upgraded valve train with stock cams though and that’s part of the reason I’m looking at new cams- because I want to upgrade the valvetrain for reliability and efficiency

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