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Very minor project update and looking for some guidance as well.* I spent a lot of time doing some much needed cleaning in my garage.* all of this sanding and my "scattered brained" work methods recently have taken a toll on my garage space.* So i did some pretty simple things while i spent the bulk of my time cleaning.* I made a template for my sidemarkers so all i have to do is position the cutout, outline it with a sharpie and start cutting.*

Then i used some blue painters tape to mark all of the areas that need to be addressed with some body filler, which should be here tomorrow.

Then, i started removing some interior items that i know i will need to remove to get the dashboard out.* And, there was a casualty.* My quad pod cracked when i tried to take it out, i'm surprised that 3M tape held it in there that good.* So, i'll need to figure out a way to repair that.

But, i have 3 front leather seats now, as one of my projects i'm going to take 2 of them to make one good one (the one passenger side one is in great shape already).

And now, for my requested help.* I started looking at where i need to separate the inner from the outer panel on my donor panel.* I'm not entirely sure how the area around the gas filler is connected. I dont see any spot welds like i see everywhere else, but i dont think these two pieces are just sitting on top of each other.* Maybe they are?* I could be wrong.* Here are some pictures of the area i'm talking about:

Front view*

And from the rear by the inner panel

Slightly different angle

Like i said, i dont really see any spot welds to be drilled out.* Maybe these two panels do in fact just rest on each other tightly.* That would be great, that would save me a whole heck of a lot of extra work, and i probably wouldnt need to replace as much as i'm thinking when i get around to swapping out this quarter.**

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