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So quick update everyone. First, I’ve heard of certain electrical parts having to be “calibrated”, so I was wandering what the chances are that my new IACV is bad. I put the old one back on and although the idle is still funky, all I had to do was tighten the idle control screw on the throttle body (lowering the idle) and it helped stabalize the idle and doing that didn’t help with the new part. It’s still unpredictable but for the most part it is less likely to surge so intensely when it does. I can’t be sure if my new IACV is bad (it might just not be up to oem specs) but I’m convinced there is something else wrong because the engine will do weird things with the idle with the new part and the old one when. I also have weird smoke or steam coming from behind the intake. Seems like it’s coming from one of the coolant hoses connecting to the IACV. Also smoke comes from what seems to be the exhaust headers when I rev while warm. Im gonna change the intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets to try to plug up any air leaks. Also gonna see if I can get an oem Honda IACV instead of aftermarket. If you have anymore suggestions then have at it please
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