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Alright, my car kicked my ass this weekend. I burned through 2 of the paint remover discs over the passenger rear quarter and the rear door. I was reminded of an incident that happened while i was at WVU that i completely forgot about....and i greatly dislike how the body shop fixed it now that i have uncovered it. The one day i came out of class, walked over to the passenger side of the car to put in my laptop and books and such, and there was this long scratch/dent going from the middle of the front door clear to the back of the car. it looked like someone cut the wheel entirely too early and dragged their car down the side of mine and then left. hit and run. i completely forgot about it until i started grinding away at about 1/4" thick layer of bondo...ate through 2 freaking paint removal discs... TWO of them! progress was pretty limiting as far as body work goes. I'll have to pick up another disc so i can have at it this weekend again.


you can kinda see my patch work for the rear quarter in this one.

So, i finally got around to testing my ballasts, hid bulbs and projectors this weekend and started cutting up my extra headlight bracket so if i mess up its not the end of the world. So far, it looks like i'll be using my air cut off wheel to do the bulk of the slicing and then come through with my dremel tool to finish up. I'll need to buy some strong cut off discs for the dremel, that metal is much denser than i thought.

And i dont have pictures of all of my finds, but the upull yard had a 50% off sale this weekend. There was a 97 GS coupe there that was in surprisingly good condition. It either isnt from around here, or was never driven in the winter. I snagged some new looking rad fans, very new looking OEM turn signals, and some OEM front fenders in excellent shape. This will save me so much time by using these instead of trying to get rid of all of the dents in my front fenders from all of the years of leaning on them to work on the car.

The front fenders are in the trunk of the car right now, covered in paint and bondo dust so they arent much to look at right now

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