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Armed with my new grinder this weekend, i completed the 2 driver's doors, next weekend will be the passenger side.


Bare metal.

And a quick spray bomb coating of the finest $0.94 a can paint so they metal doesnt start to rust. its way to cold to mix and spray primer so this will do until i can. Should sand off quite easily with the DA.

the paint tells no lies, there are quite a few areas that need to be smoothed out. also not shown, i used the paint stripper on the roof and the passenger side, so a few hours with the grinder should take care of that side. i think it took me about 2 hours to grind, then prep with the DA, then paint the cheapo paint. also showing up today are my ballasts for my retrofit, hopefully tonight or tomorrow night i can start cutting up my extra housing for practice mounting height etc.. for the s2000 projectors. This way if i screw up once, i wont need to go out and buy new headlight housings lol

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