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Not too much to update one since i forgot to take after photos. So, with a dead grinder on hand and the DA sander taking forever, i've started with chemical removal.

So its only a before picture of setting up, the after picture is much carnage. I really need to add another coat, or buy my new grinder and finish off the door panels.

Also, got a notification of an integra in the upull yard, the first one in over a year i think. So i left work early to go check it out, i've never seen a more rusted out integra. I have to go back there this weekend so i'll grab a picture of it, assuming it is still there. anyways, the reason i have to go back is to make a return. this car had tan leather seats with seat covers. i could not for the life of me get the covers off and they were closing in 15 minutes. so i took a gamble and bought them both.

Passenger side will be disassembled and replace my current driver's side seat

Driver's side is going back to the yard for a store credit return lol, its in worse shape than the one currently in my car

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