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Some additional parts if my computer wants to cooperate today...

Dynomax Ultra Flo Muffler - 2.5" in and out, setup for my integra.* Ran this muffler for a few years, i'm sure i have some pics of it on the car somewhere - $10

Aftermarket Torq Mounts - Not sure of fitment, i know the DO NOT FIT a 1996 GSR - $10

Driver's Rear Integra Sedan Door Panel, tan with leather in good condition - $20

Vibrant Bung - $4

Set of cloth front and rear seats for Integra Sedan - Fronts are different pattern than rear - in good shape - $50 for the front, $25 for the rears

1996 DB8 Bought 2003--->Sold 2010--->Bought Back May 2014 Restoration in Process!!
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