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Running Log: MorningZ's GSR (the project is complete for me)

Table of Contents:

2017-12-05: Last update: she's sold (new owner, new log: linked here)
2016-09-11: Engine back in after another rebuild
2016-03-13: Three days @ Road Atlanta
2016-03-05: Rear wheel studs = complete + more! 100% ready for Road ATL
2016-03-04: Lots of prep for next weekend
2016-03-01: Getting car back together and ready for next event
2016-02-15: NASA Winter Meltdown event @ Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP): broken car is broken :-(
2015-12-21: Rear RTAs = done, what a pain in the ass
2015-11-04: NASA-SE Pumpkin Run track event: Daytona Int'l Speedway
2015-09-18: USB cable upgrade to Tuner View II
2015-09-13: Brake Ducts: Version 1.0
2015-08-05: Dragon Run 2015 Recap and Pics
2015-07-13: Roebling Road track event recap and pics! (some from my drone)
2015-07-01: Rear cover panels = complete!
2015-06-21: A mini-road trip up to Flagler Beach
2015-06-09: Assessment of oil pump seal gone bad
2015-06-01: Sebring International Raceway HPDE event
2015-05-22: No turning back now! Roll bar = installed
2015-04-25: Sparco Pro2000 test fit/install
2015-03-28: Just Track It @ Roebling Road
2015-03-21: Track day at "The FIRM"
2015-03-14: Custom oil temperature sensor adapter = installed !
2015-02-16: Second set of track rims and tires
2015-02-06: Tuned by again, 252 HP, 176 torque, moar "bwwwaaahhhh"-s" (charts)
2015-01-05: Engine = re-installed !!
2014-12-29: Block back and looking good! CP Forged, balanced and blueprinted
2014-12-14: Tucking some wiring away in engine bay
2014-11-09: P/S = looped w/ breather
2014-10-31: ITR Cams acquired
2014-10-18: Engine = yanked out !!!
2014-10-05: NASA Event: Oktoberfast @ VIR
2014-09-25: Trailer modifications/improvements
2014-08-31: Second block and misc parts = acquired
2014-08-17: New stiffer Eibach springs installed
2014-08-05: GoPro videos: Day run and Night run at Dragon Run 2014
2014-07-26: Loaded on the trailer to head to Dragon!
2014-07-15: Car trailer = acquired !
2014-07-12: PBIR Track Day - July 12th, 2014 ---
2014-07-10: List of Track Clubs to find events in the South East
2014-06-25: Skunk 2 adjustable camber kit = installed
2014-06-17: What OEM parts to replace while doing an LMA install (thanks K2sInteg98)
2014-06-16: Professional pics from June Jam
2014-06-15: GoPro video of few laps around Road Atlanta
2014-06-15: NASA-SE June Jam @ Road Atlanta
2014-06-02: Puttin' engine back together
2014-05-27: Head back from machine shop
2014-05-24: HASport Motor Mounts
2014-05-23: Wheel bearing replacement at home with press
2014-05-11: Turn1 Car/Bike event at CMP (May 10, 2014)
2014-05-04: MyHondaHabit oil pan gasket installation + Z10 Traction installation
2014-04-08: Open track day @ "The FIRM" (Apr 05, 2014) (video)
2014-04-02: Full test of my removable amp rack
2014-03-27: TunerView II = installed !
2014-03-16: Starter contacts replaced
2013-12-28: Pluggable/removal amp/sub rack = complete
Open track day @ "The FIRM" (Nov 23, 2014)
Turkey Trot 2013 Pics
New meth injection tank
SMSP header before and after getting ceramic coated
more pics from the Dragon Run by RSlowX
GoPro front and back mounts + tether
Map Lights wired to turn on w/ door trigger
LED light install
Dragon Run 2013 recap
Tire storage rack built
Bluetooth adapter install for my radio
Power port for my installed battery tenderer
Complete painted meshie rim (Gunmetal and Black) (moar pics)
Picked up some 15 inch meshies for Track/Whatever usage
Driver side front wheel hub/bearing replacement
A/C compressor, dryer and low pressure line replaced
Inner/outer tie rod install
2012 Turkey Trot NASA Event @ Carolina Motorsports Park
Tuned by, 244 hp & 172 torque
Big Brake and steel line upgrade!
Toyota Molding for the body kit
Passenger power window motor replaced
Oil Cooler installed (and fix for a weird problem with the sandwich plate)
Dragon Run 2012 Recap (short version: AWESOME!!)
Methanol Injection install
Front Omnipower LCA F-A-I-L-U-R-E
B20 Crank Pulley installed --> now at 8 lbs boost (post has JRSC belt sizes)
Muffler modification for hitch, tie down for full size spare installed
1st time auto crossing
Trailer Hitch installed
Supercharger whine!
A/F Gauge Installed
On the dyno
New oil pan gasket, painted SMSP header
Post-JRSC stuff (boost = confirmed!)
Few pics of JRSC install
Few pics with some TI friends
Short shifter rattle fixed
Dragon Run 2011 pics
My Integra "Coast to Coast"
ITR Expo recap and pics
New KF hood
Cruising around Miami Beach
Me and my GSR in Los Angeles, Set 2
Me and my GSR in Los Angeles, Set 1
Motegi me up !!
All shined up !
Back from 3rd trip to body shop
CF-ed ClockPod in place
New valve cover = installed !
Strange spring compression/lack of travel
Lowered by Koni, Ground Control and Eibach :-)
ClockPod Glare :-(
21 pics from Florida meetup
Few pics from South FL gathering
My fav pics from Dragon Run 2010
LSD Installed
Pics from Florida meet up
Header Wrap installed
Gauges in QuadPod housing installed
Suspension raised up some, Glow Shift sandwich install, new axles
Rear trim panels for audio system is complete
Two posts on page about working on the Audio system
Replaced all three pedal pads on the Clutch and Brake pedals
:: grrr :: got 'profiled' by FHP
More pics of my car at Dragon Run 09
Recap of my Dragon Run 09 Experience
Omnipower LCAs all the way around, new CMC, CF Hood
Repainted sun-damaged roof
Pics of the GSR from the Dragon Run '08
New Stinger Battery
Pics of the GSR from the Dragon Run '07
Bunch of little things fixed/added
Team-Integra Floormats !
Replacement of bent rim, new floormats
New alarm/remote-start
Pics of SMSP setup from underneath.... CV Boot problem :-(
SMSP Header/Exhaust pics, out of the box and installed
Pictures from Dragon Run 2006
Modified P75 and Ostrich burner purchased... new front speakers
Rest of body kit painted and installed
Sideskirt fitment, suspension fix
Springs, shocks, rotors, brake pads, comptech rear lower bar installed

This topic will be my running diary of my 99 GSR

====== Roebling Road Turn 5 - Jul 12, 2015 ===================

====== PBIR (Moroso) - Jul 12, 2014 =======================

====== Road Atlanta - Jun 14, 2014 =======================

====== At Tapoco Lodge on 08/05/2011 near the Dragon Tail ========

======== Few pics from Dragon Run 2011 ==================

====== Required vacuum hose for *ANY* boost install ============

=== Tracked for the first time on 06/11/2011 at Carolina Motorsports Park ======

=== What the car looks like as of 04/07/2011 ==================

And my car a looooooooooooooong way from home at Los Angeles' awesome road "Mulholland Drive"

Random HDR-like shot

=== Original Post ===================================

All right, so got my car back 5 days ago from its accident (this was the damage, $1611 to fix that!!), the shop did an EXCELLENT job of (1) Fixing it and (2) Matching the paint, couldn't have asked for better

So onto the good stuff

(and before you even THINK about posting about it, yes, i have shocks and springs to rid myself of wheel gap, just haven't had time for the install yet... so save the keystrokes)

I'm always changing stuff, and i really felt like getting some different rims, so i hit up our former sponsor "EdgeRacing" located down here in miami and picked up some Falken Torque 5 rims (17x7) and some Hankook 405 tires (205/40/17)

As mentioned, i have some Koni Reds and HR Racing springs (1.75" front, 1.5" rear) that i picked up off of Joe and Ryan at NL Motoring, just waiting for the chance for the install

Moving on... one thing that was messed up on my car when i purchased it was the front bumper... looked like the previous owner ran up on a curb or something, so before I put it into the shop, i purchased a new bumper from Sunnyside Acura (not bad, $240 plus $90 to ship from CT to FL) and also picked up a Type-R Replica lip from another one of our sponsors, the body shop charged me $300 to prep and paint them both, a price i thought was fair enough

Member DC4Kid hooked me up with a Rear Wiper Delete Plug, so took the time to remove that eyesore

Lastly I finally finished off installing some Carbon Fiber inserts from TopShop

Also waiting in the wings is the previously mentioned suspension parts PLUS I have new rotors and brakes that i bought from Jeff at PropartsUSA

All this I installed today.... tomorrow is the day to finish my system finally.... and hopefully within a few weeks find the time and place to install suspension and brake parts


- Running Log, the trials and tribulations of building a car

echlonwarrior: "Hondabond saves lives"
K2sInteg98: "the best thing to do is keep spending and not keep"
dpaton: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

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I like your new rims, but your old ones were actually really cool...Whatever you stay with, itll look awesome lowered!
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I gotta say, that this car looks awesome in person. The body work is mint and the front lip is a perfect fit. And it was nice to finally meet you.

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I like the color and the rims. Your previous rims were cool too. Nice car man.
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Cars lookin good and the repair looks mint, Im curious if they pulled it out or replaced the quarter panel?

And what did you do about the lil wholes in the CF inserts where the screw goes? They look mint!
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They fixed the existing one, if you look at that area, the whole back of the car is one big piece

as for the CF inserts, the holes are sitting there empty right now, the screws aren't needed (for me anyways, its in place and stable with just the door handle trim holding it tight)
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Car looks so clean. Keep it ^^^.
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Love the color, my favorite blue color. I liked your previous rims more. Clean.

iNtEgZ 4eVa & DriVe iT LiKe U $toLe iT!!!!!!!!
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Ah ha, very nice. I'd like to see the finished product...

lsvtec1509: oh & could someone please tell me wtf this is? radiator? never seen anything like this in any other honda of mine MR_GS-R: thats your omgwtfbbq
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Very nice. Looks like the body shop did an awesome job. The car looks great!

2000 Acura Integra GSR - Taffeta White
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WTB: Comptech intake and icebox.

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Holy crap I havent posted here in years, and now your have a new car Steve?! Nice!

The History of AdamOnes' Integra "This car is too fast for me... It gives me whiplash when that Tech-V kicks in."
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looks nice......cant wit to see it lowerd....

next match huh haha

keep us updated


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please keep me updated with the grilltech install. I have a molded ITR lip and would like to see what the procedure would be to modify it before i purchase one.
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"Eyesore" indeed. Looks much better without it.
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