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Part 2

While my buddy torqued down the clutch i decided to change my fuel filter, so clean :-)

And clean other parts that were soon going to be on the motor

After some time FINALLY tranny pops on!

Alternator goes on with belt and gets locked down!

Pieces that i clean go on!

Rear motor mount bracket goes on!

This is what the inside of my car looks like for the time being.. i cant wait to clean it!

Ecu is done so why not plug it in and take a crazy shot of it?? haha

After an hour... ITS IN!

Humm <scratchs head> where does this go again?

Oh yea, somewhere in here...

There we go!

Exhaust mani goes on!

Wastegate follows

Im done for the weekend.. time to relax at work all week!

Waiting for my full race traction bar to be welded!

Also my welder has to reweld tab on my FMIC

And my plug-and-play harness for my turbo timer :-)

Im also awaing my hondata (knockoff) intake mani gasket. once that comes in then my intake mani goes back on! Lot to do next weekend and more parts to pick up! YAY! ALMOST THERE!

95 Integra Ls BG-33P

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