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wont rev passed 4k under boost

i got a 97 integra ls with a ctr b16b swap. i recnelty got a great deal on a turbo set up from a friend. well i got all my little parts needed to install this on my car and it runs fine aslong as im not in the boost once i get in the boost though it refuses to rev passed 4k rpms and im at 7psi at the moment my friends seem to think its my map sensor or tps sensor but the car feels like its missing really bad once i start to reach around 3 psi of boost. i have checked for boost leaks its not going lean according to my wideband. the wastegate is operating smoothly and opening when i hit around 7 psi like it should what could be the problem now when i keep it out of boost it will rev to 9,500 rpms just fine im thinking ignition like its loosing spark or in my tune.

im looking to buy a new map sensor and a tps sensor this week map sensor from hondata just wanting to see what other thoughts are out there

car is a 97 ls
b16b swap
p28 ecu with hondata v3 chip
440cc injectors
250 walboro fuel pump
yanaka cat back
test pipe inplace of cat
68mm blox throttle body
blox intake manifold
and a few other little parts
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I see no mention of a wide-band anywhere.... This car has been properly tuned by a professional tuner?

And yes, your symptoms sound like your MAP sensor. The OEM sensor can only read a certain amount of positive pressure?

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it has a inovate lc2 wideband bosch 4.9 sensor and no it hasnt been tuned by professional id have to make a 3 hour trip to the closest tuner to get the car tuned was wanting to get a decent street tune on it then take it and have it finished was debating on haveing vit viper tune the car iv seen some of his work on my cousins k20 si and it was impressive the differance from before and after
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There very well could be a rev-limit set purposely on the Hondata software until it gets tuned. You WANT it to do this if you're not tuned yet. Most tuners will load a basemap with a rev limit to keep it from going into boost before it gets tuned. This saves your engine.

The fact that you're attempting to "full-throttle" a turbo'd vehicle without having it tuned is discouraging. Why in the world would you want to take the chance of having an engine catastrophe?
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Well, this is what I would recommend. Do you have Hondata?


1) Gap your spark plugs to about .33 pr .30 ... you can buy a spark plug gapping tool for 5 bucks at autozone or consumer auto parts.
This really helps !!!!

2) If you have hondata, what value is your map sensor displaying? does it match the boost gauge?

3) In hondata, set your table to view the fuel adjustment, make sure you are not too lean or too rich. If you have a wide band, this will be no issue for you.

4) Check boost cut safety, set it to 11 PSI on first option, cold boost and hot boost, see if it goes passed 4k.

5)What is your fuel PSI ? You have a psi fuel gauge ?

6) your spark plugs, cables, distributor cap and rotor good?

7) What is your rev limiter set to? Also, disable launch control until you resolve this.

8) Were you able to idle smooth? If not, get the car to idle smooth first, see the percentage you went up in fuel from where you started, then start where you started, and up the entire fuel table at the same percentage to get a starting point.

9) In the advanced closed loop, did you set the Voltage / input values? Are you using pin d10? d14? If d10, did you need to cut any resistors in your ecu version?

10) Upload your basemap here! So we can load it into our s300 and take a look. Do you need a base map? I have one for you.

.... It could be many things, its true it could be your map sensor, thats why if you have hondata, you can diagnose it.
Make sure you gap your plugs, it's a must. and it will take you 10 to 15 minutes if it's ur first time, just youtube it .
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My car did this when I initially turbo'd it.

It was the tune, indirectly. Well it was actually an inaccurate base timing setting, which then messes up all the timing settings.

I had too much timing and was knocking when I went into boost. When this happens, the knock sensor detects it and timing is retarded so much the engine looses all torque--It feels exactly like a miss but without the noise that sometimes accompanies a miss.

Check for knock using the graph feature in Smanager. It's easy to see when it rears it's ugly head. Graph timing, knock retard and knock level and see what is happening.

If you find knock, keep in mind that the combination of lean fuel mixtures and advanced timing will cause it. Download some tunes from the Smanager archive and compare your timing with the examples there. If you find that your timing is approximately the same, then consider whether your wideband 02 is lying to you. It happens....I treat the wideband 02 as just a relative number...then see what the engine wants regardless of what actual number is displayed.

An easy way to go about it is to add fuel on purpose, then slowly dial it back until you feel the performance pick up, or you get knock occurring. Keep in mind, the A/F ratio has less to do with power than it has to do with knock prevention. the engine actually makes more power when it is leaner, but it also increases the tendancy to knock, thus the interplay between fuel and timing, when tuning for max power. The HP academy has some great videos on MBT tuning, etc. Worth a watch: https://www.hpacademy.com/, look for their 'bare minimum knowedge' section: It's free.

An audible knock system (Passive or active) will help you detect it before it harms your engine. I've found the stock sensor to be pretty sensitive though.

Hope that helps,


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